Do either Unarmed Master or Weapon Master Benefit a Dual Wielding Pistolier?

Jesse Shaffer

I know that, when charging, a pistolier’s Weapon Skill is used rather than his Ballistic Skill. Is he pistol-whipping or punching his opponent? If he’s punching his opponent, then Unarmed Master would logically apply (assuming it’s also implemented in the code). In the case of pistol-whipping, it would make sense for Weapon Master to apply (assuming the code supports it) since a pistol used in this way would be a bludgeoning weapon.
When charging with dual pistols you are using your WS and strength to calculate hitting and damage.

Unarmed master wouldn’t apply because you are ARMED. Weapon master wouldn’t apply because you are using pistols. While I get your argument of using them as a bludgeoning weapon, they fall into a different category. The extra attacks you get are dependent on the Attack Increase skill only. If you never updated that skill you will only get a single CHARGED attack.

The true advantage of using pistols or dual pistols is that its the only ranged weapon that lets you charge AND THEN shoot in the same turn.