Do Ghouls Seem Irrelevant?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Jesse Shaffer, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Jesse Shaffer Corporal

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    I realize that the vampire is an unequaled killing machine, but since the last update, ghouls feel a little too nerfed. They fall faster than dregs and do less damage. Granted, they have speed skills, but I’m not sure how meaningful that is since their starting initiative is so low. I’m curious to know what other people think.
  2. Shangular Major

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    I have a maxed out ghoul in my undead warband and I still find him useful. Ghouls' starting initiatives are the same as the humans 25 - 35 starting. One of my ghouls started with 34 and the other 35.

    1) Claim objectives near the end: PVP matches only have 2 types of scenarios, capture the small circles or have more ppl in the big circle. I usually keep them hidden and then rush in at the end to claim objectives. The speed tree lets them hide pretty close enough to the objective circles to run in at the last round. Dregs are too slow and get spotted too easily.
    2) Pin cushion: imo, a maxed wound ghoul with lightning reflexes is actually a better damage absorber than a dreg wearing gromil because the ghoul ignores stuns.
    3) Charge ranged attackers to prevent them from shooting my vampire. Agree the vampire is a great killing machine, but one potential problem is that sometimes he hits too hard. When attacking with opponents who have good ranged attackers, a tactic is to simply stun and not kill your melee target. When the vampire hits too hard, I sometimes use the ghoul to just charge in range attackers. They don't have to kill them, just prevent from shooting the vampire. (yes my vamp has maxed out defenses, but still a lucky crit from a bullet can still do 4 dmg).
    4) My ghoul has better synergy in advancing with my vampire because he moves faster and can hide better. So if I've facing a good warband with multiple high level characters, I can time a coordinated attack better. Although one on one, the vampire is very formidable, being too reckless/over confident and letting multiple high level characters attack will get him killed. My Skaven warband has proven this multiple times against over-eager vampires who think they can single-handedly kill them :) Remember that vampires are vulnerable to multiple opponents throwing water at him.

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