Dwarf Ranger!


Orcs were the clear winner of the next warband poll. Dwarves I figure were an easier add since there were already Dwarf models available in game. Regardless, the people have spoken! Where da greenskins at?


The Ghoul Crypt horror and beastman models look sufficiently beefy for Orcs, just give them human style legs. The cleavers already available to many factions look like Choppas to me. Thanks for the update.

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
You can equip a double handed weapon but won't get the shield bonus in close combat. Clearly a fashon statement!

Jesse Shaffer

...why doesn't he have access to the Ambush and Hidden skills? It seems like those would make sense for any ranger class. Also it may be cool to give him that Infiltration skill that Skaven have....
I agree. In every ruleset I’ve ever seen, Dwarf Rangers have Infiltration. Unlike Skaven, they actually need it to push themselves ahead of the others to do any useful scouting so I’m aghast it was omitted. While Set Traps may be a pain to implement, Ambush and Hidden are already in the game and together provide a reasonable enough substitute.