Dwarf Troll Slayers - Are they worth it and how to use them

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    Dwarf Troll Slayers are one of the most powerfull units in the game, if used correctly, that is. A lot of players including myself were using it like a main assault unit, in most cases dwarf got killed, or didn't make it into the action in time. Here, I will tell you what he is really about.

    Their base stats are:
    Wounds: 3-5
    W skill: 35-45
    B skill: 25-35
    Initiative: 15-25
    Strengh: 25-35
    Leadership: 75-85 (doesn't matter though, they are immune to L tests)
    Defence: 15
    Attacks: 1
    Movement: 3

    Basic info:
    They have no starting equipment.
    They can not wear any helmet or armour (runic tatoos only).
    They can not use ranged weapons or shields, only off-hand item available is Morr's lantern.
    They can only use various axes (+special dual axes).
    They only have Weapon and Strengh skills (+few special ones).
    Their max defence is 35 (base 15 + Resilent 10 + Step aside 10 = 35).
    Their max attack count is 10-12 (1 base + 2 skills + 1 combat master + 1 dual axes *2 berserker= 10, if frenzied, then12)
    They do not get the "low heigh" bonus as halflings do, so be on a look out for snipers, or they gonna hurt badly.
    They can use any consumable but blunderbuss.
    Solo vs. almost anyone solo as well is almost guarantied win, if the dwarf charges first.

    Bonus special skills:
    Hard to kill - enemy needs to take down more of his wounds to stun him, it's basically like quick recovery, but worse.
    Furious charge - adds +10 to Strengh when the Dwarf charges.
    Monster slayer - adds +10 to Strengh when the enemy Dwarf is fighting has higher staring wounds than him (excellent against Vamps and Ogres alike).
    Dual axe mastery - enables usage of dual axes (there is no dual axe training btw).
    Berserker - doubles attack number when Dwarf is charging for price of -10 Weapon skill when charging. It is the skill you want to avoid untill decent level, because it will make your WB rating jump a LOT.

    Usefull tips:
    Only hire Slayers with high Initiative (at least 21+) to avoid being slower than pets in late game. Put all your first 6 exp. into Initiative, so they don't always move last. Can save you some fate for injuries/deaths, which could have been avoided.
    If you have enough spare fate for a few revives, try to get your Dwarf frenzied. It will mitigate his insanely low movement, and will add him an attack/two without making your rating jump like a crazy Irish dancer.

    How to use Dwarf Troll Slayers:
    I don't want to be stating the obvious again, but charging with Dwarves in the open field even with decent fire support is mostly a waste of money, time and resources. As stated above, they either don't make it to the action at all, or they get picked by some stronger characters or snipers. Because of their pathetic Initiative and movement, their true potential lies in defence - defensive gameplay style. For this reason, Dwarves are best suited to be guards for your marksmen! Secondary, they are excellent at "zig-zag charging" in buddy teams = moving from one target to another, usually overpowering anyone with that massive attack number and weapon skill, like this you can pretty much annihilate whole enemy band with just 2 fat folks.

    Strat example:
    In my main Marienburg warband, I have 4 marksmen (captain doesn't count as he is a sniper swordsman mage, versitale AF), an Ogre with max defence and max wounds to tank/soak up all the damage and 2 Dwarves. The Dwarves and Ogre are a bit behind/in the line with my snipers. Snipers usually get all the job done, yet if anyone like Ogre, Vampire or super armoured humie gets close enough and is a threat to my marksmen, Ogre and Dwarves charge, Ogre first to take the possible reaction hit. Then, Dwarves cut the usually injured, outnumbered threat into pieces in the very first turn, if not, the enemy will auto-attack the Ogre (lowest WS), Ogre soaks up the damage and Dwarves finish the job. Marksmen take care of anyone else trying to intrude. Captain flies around the map, collects goods, takes out enemy marksmen/keeps them busy in melee. Works great.

    In the end, use them to your mind. It is a great paradox, that they are most worthy in ranged focused bands. I hope that this helped you in some way, if not, thanks for wasting your time reading it anyway. I'll answer any questions.
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    Additional strategy for dwarf usage:

    *If you are a FTP Reiklander, and you favour melee over dakka dakka, this might suit you more than blind Ogre spam we see nowadays.

    Your captain can be anything, but I suggest mage-dual pistol build. Get 3 warriors with 35 WS and 5 W, remaining stats are optional (initiative>leadership>BS). Max out WS, Defence and get them best armour you can afford (shield included), DO NOT INCREASE ATTACKS. Then proceed to hiring 4 Dwarves, with 5 W, 45 WS and at least 21 Initiative. Max out WS and wounds, give them dual gromril axes. Your warriors will now move 3, same as dwarves, so you will be moving your band in the same speed -> all the power is concentrated. Enemy will auto attack warriors bcs of lower WS than Dwarves have, and 4 Dwarves will slaughter anything with total of 4*(3+1+1)*2= 40 attacks with -15 def modifier -> ultimate ogre/vamp slaughter granted. Tested myself, it's beastly, only thing is that it will make your WB rating go really high (mine is 2000+). Will suit ppl with enough patience and likes in ambushes, and folks who simply don't see a need in rush. Cpt mage should deal with rangers easily.
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