Dwarf, trolls slayers

So today, troll Slayer was added to game
I find that they got higher weapons skill and +15 base defense + immune to fear /leadership tests

-max possible base stats
- what skill they can have
- what equipment they can have

Waiting for good soul to answer my guestion


Can not become a captain.
Only uses axes of all kind + unique dual axes
Can use Morr's lantern
Can not use any shield or ranged weapon
Starts with imunity to fear of any kind
Can not wear armour, max D you can get is 35 with skills
Can not wear any helmet
Can equip any consumable but blunderbuss

W 3-5
M 3
WS 35-45
BS 25-30
L 75-85?
I 15-25
S 25-35
D 15

No shooting, speed or academic skills
All melee, all strenght + few special ones:
Dual axe mastery (there is no dual axe training, you can not use dual axes until you get dual axe mastery)
Hard to kill (less stun effect, basically quick recovery, but worse)
Monster Slayer (+10 S when opponent has higher starting wounds than dwarf)
Berserker* (doubles attacks when charging for price of 10 WS when charging)
Furious charge (+10 S when charging)

*do NOT get this one. It will double/triple the warband rating.

Tips & tricks:
Madness injury recomended to compensate for low movement
Never pick dwarf with less than 20-21 I, for he shall be slower than most pets even when maxed out
Dont go for dual axes at the start. Attack spam makes warband rating jump a lot, I recommend Ostland great axe instead
Get buddies, for dwarves are not great when solo against many, even the best ones fall pretty quickly, and there is no way to retreat with 3 M and that pathetic I
Put first 3-4 levels into I, so you dont move last everytime
Dwarves are ultra vulnerable at distance, since they don't get same "low heigh" bonus as halflings do. For this reason, elven cloak and moving in cover is a must

Hope that's all. Correct me if I was wrong. Have a few dwarf bands, highly recomend those buddy teams.