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    I've seen a lot of different threads of things that we wish Dwarfs had, I just wanted to compile what I've seen, add a couple things of my own and get everyone's input.

    1. A couple changes to mining to make it more viable. Options include making the pick one-handed, making it an item rather than a weapon, increasing the distance moved to make it slightly more worth it. Alternatively I've also heard tossed around the idea of one pick letting the entire warband infiltrate, that would be very welcome as well.
    2. Some kind of skill or item to increase sight range. As it stands, ranged dwarfs suffer a lot from not being able to see targets, essentially making some form of hired sword spotter necessary. I've heard a couple ideas tossed around to help with this, such as maybe an increased perception skill (could be branded as super eagle eyes, darkvision, or something of the like) or an item such as a mining helmet. This is definitely on the wish list in some form.
    3. I would LOVE for Dwarf armor to be a bit cheaper. Dwarfs are the ones making the highest quality armor out there and it's one of the hallmarks of elite Dwarf warriors. How is Dwarven Plate (the equivalent of Full Plate) as expensive as gromril?!? Often times it's even more expensive. I would advocate for all of the armor options to be cheaper, but at least bring Dwarven Plate into the same range as Full Plate for human warbands.
    4. Just as a cosmetic thing, I would love for Dwarfs to have their own helmet designs. As it stands, Dwarfs only have access to specific models of great helm (not visored) and the trooper helm, and the designs look a little goofy. I love the customized versions of these, but I would love for the basic models to have the same shape as the customized ones but without the gold gilding. It's not a huge thing, but it would be cool.
    5. This is the part where we really get into long shots, but a couple of nice things that are a little out there would be: 1) Give Slayers a slightly increased charge range. Not super necessary, but would be nice; 2) Make the Mechanical engineer skill apply to all black powder weapons instead of just repeater handguns. Again, it's pretty great as it stands, but if we're making a wish list we might as well shoot high, right?

    Those are the things off the top of my head. Overall, I have LOVED what's been done with Dwarfs so far. I love that Dwarfs feel a lot like TT, tough and reliable, willing to rush into the teeth of anything. I've had a really fun time bundling unstunable little balls of death into 100 armor and bowling them into ridiculous combats. I'm interested to hear what other people think.

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