Early Day1-Week4 Players Tactics Guide-Helps

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  1. Drace Private

    First off you have resources that seem large 10k.

    (Note: I've not played the Recent updates as a new player, but aiming you at the fundamentals)

    What you do here is critical, mostly. YOU will be A RAIDER. Raiding other players First for Resources Then for Units captures: Free salvage with free mixed upgrades & cost little to repair.

    Raiding actions unlock credit points, Save Every point you can! and i strongly suggest you avoid using any Credit Points BY tutorial suggestion (you will do the actions, just not in the timing of the tutorial)

    RAID RULE No.1: The four forward, front spaces. of a harvester: Are INSTINT KILL.
    Do not move to or stay, after the harvest moves in those strait line box's. Hit by the coroners.

    Capturing the Harvester: You must wreck it first, then move 1 infantry into the center of it gaining control of it's resources. This also ends the mission, with a truck you'll want to wait for full hitching and killing off easy units for resources and fun.

    Your starter Base: 1 harvester. It moves 1 space at a time and will destroy anything in it's clicked forward path, after repeated actions, but you know this & it drives around the map.
    Do Not: Harvest Trees or Damage Ruined Buildings: Level everything else to flat land.

    First Build(1): 1 energy plant +1 Engergy, 2 shelters!!! before raiding.
    Now Tutorial makes you Scavengers; First UPGRADE Health (heart box) & gun to range +2.
    You'll need a minimum of 8 energy for your first raid, Aim for 9 asap, use credits if you still fail by raid timer alone after rushing the harvest on a lucky "close to harvester" deploy.

    You'll now have the minimum (3) 4 needed scavengers for basic harvester killing.
    Avoid other infantry fighting when ever possible, & 3 on 1 All your targets! you'll need those hit points for harvester killing. If wounded move them back one & a healthier unit in closer to take the hit, keeping as many guns alive as possible.

    Finish the tutorial SKIPPING ANY UNIT BUILD, speed up, or Repair costing credits, you'll do that on your first captured of a Armored Personal Carrier APC. (takes time, wait for it)

    Next is your Truck, TRUCK! Forget other infantry or scanner drones and "not yet" on the tank drone. Trucks have the Power, the skill to Hitch (capture) enemy units, as your killed wreckage you take back at your base. Truck has 11hp (14hp) and a 2-4(+2 upgraded) and are stronger, faster and more useful fighting then scavengers, and are able to take on rocket troops 2 trucks to 1 troops alone or 3 trucks to 2 troops with good tactics.

    DO NOT hitch your own dead, they'll be ok and safe back home.
    Keeping your Hitched: The Very First TURN, Treat them like a live unit and Move deploy them onto your bases starting line like an attack deploy, each one. If you end it before all are moved you Must Scrap them!!!

    After you build your First truck, you should have had 5+ Raids under your belt and Go For it's Gun Upgrade first. Field only 1 truck if you do not yet have a gun and now have grown to 4 units in total.

    TRUCKS CAN LOAD INFANTRY: by moving them inside the trucks deploy box or on top of a deployed truck, then move the truck and end it's turn/click off the truck or re-deploy the infantry (deploy infantry or hitch you can not do both in the same turn)

    Now you've had to raid about 7-10 times and got an idea how to, deploy in a strait line to the harvester, Gang up on enemy's and allow the ones with tree cover come out to you & Taking the trees and staying in them for defense!!!, Plus have a ranged 2 attack so you're on even footing with other infantry and have a better safety zone from the harvesters move attack.

    While Raiding You'll Encounter something Odd, a 1-2 Minute Delay in Enemy turn time with no movement. This means a live player is HOME, Watching, and can choose to control his forces Against you Or kick you out of Battle by surrendering. A cashless lose- by "winning", still a victory by points, but you only get scavenged map resources, even if you kill the harvester)

    Players are not impossible to beat so Don't just Surrender With out TRYING. Just know he can not move his Harvester by any means, it's a pure AI. Moves like other missions.
    Do Like you do on other raids, but keep together, sending 1 man out as a decoy to delay the ai bots freeing your harvester killing force - will not go as planned - these times.

    THE Ideal Truck Raider has 4-5 trucks (1-2 infantry) it's gun upgrade, health upgrade, and gang's up on infantry and other trucks, using trees as much as possible.
    ALWAYS Bring at least 2 infantry until you are skilled and have overwhelming truck forces, in case one dies.

    This covers Some Non-turn Tactical Combats and general Start UP.
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  2. OverWatch

    Great tips! Hope every one finds this as interesting to read as I did :)
  3. Charlie07 Private

    My first step is pimpin my infantry up to maximum. They shred most things at low level.
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  4. OverWatch

  5. Drace Private

    Yaknow as a side note, i should mention. I never unlocked the rocket infantry to build until past overseer, as a boredom todo. Upgraded their range health damage ect. replaced my losses with the endless swarms people make, Check! Same with APC's never built 1 yet and only if there's absolutely no other possible way to get to self build tanks. These tactics ensure an endless supply of choice units, to heal n scrap, all Power to! "max out" their upgrades. Shame of you people! for not upgrading the apc's speed, the most rare'est upgrade item on common units. Captured flying flamer inf, full powered scanner drones and drone tanks by the dozen (3 TDrones replaces truck losses, and provides that needed kill power vs the early 3 apc's that bases seem to build for inf raids) Never Captured. never, no matter how hard I've tryed "a Rocket truck", What gives? glass cannon for sure and always surrounded by apc swarms. I even faced down 3 of them once with a no-joy on capture.
  6. Charlie07 Private

    APC's are a consistent unit - I think they're great. Low level players should utilise them. I've used several rocks and they appear to be very hit or miss. Stick with cheaper more consistent units until you collect a shed load of resources to get the tank. Tanks are seriously the best unit in the game. Helicopter can be quite laughable for the price.
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  7. OverWatch

    I agree, I've been using the APC's quite a bit and have had no issues! (as of yet). Slowly but surely climbing the leaderboard...

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