Effective Builds

For rookies and casual players who dont want to have to try everything out and test for themselves.
What is a effective way to start your warband? (Skills, Models, Numbers ect.)
(If you have an insight on all factions that would be useful)
I have personally found for all characters investing in at least 2 wounds increase upgrades is needed, otherwise you have to be a master strategist every game to make sure they avoid damage but can still deal it out.
I have also found that most versions of armour are more negative than positive (considering price, mkvement reduction and added armour) these are anything but Jack Oplates and the highest level stuff, Vampiric Playes, Full plates and Gromil.
One problem I am finding with Undead is how to build up dregs, Do i focus on weapon skill or wounds or intangibles?
Do I go for a little range, a heavy armour unit or a two hander?

Also Comet Maul vs Gromil sword vs Gromil Axe vs Gromil Two Hander
Which is best and what other weapons (close range) are useful and in what circumstances?


For Dregs, I'd build up Armor Training (so they can move normal with Gromil), Wounds and then WS and attacks. With Undead, your Vampire will be doing most of the killing, the Dregs can just mop up on stunned models while they level. Since dregs have no access to speed skills, they won't be able to hide well or move fast and thus will get shot up or charged first, and will get stunned. Hence building up wounds is important for these guys.


For mercs, I personally like skull hammers and comet hammers, especially since vampires are now in the game as they limit the opponent's max defense to 20 so you will be able to consistent damage. Gromil axe is nice because of the high crit, but against high defense opponents (like a maxed out vampire), if you don't crit, you'll do 0 damage.

For marksman, assuming you're using the sniper rifle, I'd focus on in order of priority:
1) Gunpower mastery
2) Skill that lets you shoot every turn
3) Skill that lets you shoot twice in one turn
4) Maxing out BS
5) Initiative - so you can get into the best shooting position asap
6) Speed skill that doubles your perception range - trust me, this is a valuable skill.

Ambush used to be a great skill, but has been nerfed in the latest update. It's still not bad, but shouldn't be as high a priority as before.
Wait so are wounds important at all as a marksman?

Dregs/ Humans
Are they better with Sheild and skull hammer, Comet maul, or being a mixture of range and skull hammer/gromil axe?

Thanks for letting me pick your brain this has helped, me hopefully helps others to.


Wounds are important for marksman. Eventually of course work to build that up. But I'm assuming initially that you have your captain as a close combat specialist and your marksman to stay back. So in the beginning, wounds are less of a priority for marksman as you'll want to use them to do as much damage as possible from range.

All of this is just my opinion and preference, but for Dregs, I like using the comet maul because I need them to do as much damage as possible. I don't like using shields with them because they can't get the Sprint skill and thus will be moving at 3/3 pace (assumes they are wearing gromil). Being slow makes it harder to coordinate attacks with the vampire.

For humans, in the early parts, I'll have one guy with a gromil axe and pistol. Again, I like my guys to be fast so don't want anything slowing them down. But later on as I'm facing high level warbands, I've switched them to the comet maul. My warband rating is 5,500 prior and when it switched to power rating it,s 8,800, so I match up against many undead warbands with high level vampires. But my warriors with mauls can easily kill it (even against a pvp opponent, one guy may get killed as a sacrificial lamb, but the rest smash the vampire pretty easy).
What is a effective way to save up coin in game?
I want to get an ogre, and dont want to buy fate so trying to save up, what is the most effective?
Would it be dropping rating down, or getting as many characters as possible?
I just have never really been able to save up more than 600, any tips?


There is one quick way to get coin, it is cheesy and very, very noobish. I wish the devs would address it somehow but it haven't. I personally don't do it because it takes the fun out of the game and I don't care about a ranking system based on farmed shards, but I know particular warbands that do this and it is effective in getting gold and shards.

It's really "boosting" for lack of a better word. So you create a second warband for a "lose" team using another gamecenter account and log on with a different device. Then you dual box and the lose team queues PVP and then your warband that needs gold joins that game. Then the "lose" team disconnects and your warband should get 5 shards for winning. Just keep doing this and you'll have a bunch of shards that you can sell for gold.
Guess its grinding then,
That does seem way to easy (and a bit like cheating).
I have found though i think there is a power rating or member rating you het more shards.
When at 4 odd members i tend to find 4-5 most wins, so hopefully dropping down to 3 works.
Anyway thanks for your input)