Elven rangers appearance


Hi guys, I'm enjoying playing with a reikland band with 4 elves, but maybe I'm a bit traditional, or something else, but I'll like to speak about how I think they would look like. This post is not to speak about anything related to nerfing elves, so if you have any idea related to the original idea, this is the place.

I don't like to see them wearing ugly human hats, or helmets, and they look funny/stupid with some hats. They don't need anyway any improvement given to their skills, so maybe a elven helmet, as halfing's has their own ones could be nice.

A hood will be a nice addition also. Even if it's a hair type, just like the wizard hats of the hired swords.They actually have just 2 face designs, this could be the third one. 4th could be hood and face mask.

A quiver could be a nice addition for any bow owner ingame.

I would like to see them just using weapons they're used to wear on traditional Warhammer, like Spears, swords, or halberds. I know they may use hammers and axes, but they look ugly.

I know they're relatively new, I'm just giving ideas to make them look cool.

PS, not related, but ghouls wearing hats give cancer to my eyes xD


The original looks very similar to the Mordheim elf ranger TT model. But of course allowing players to customize their gear adds the human look. It would be nice if they could have custom skins for the common equipment they wear (such as hats looking more like hoods, etc.). The elf heads wearing the scarf over their faces at least are helping to prevent the spread of COVID

Jesse Shaffer

Even though only 5% to 20% of any given game’s community will spend money on cosmetic in-app purchases, the ones that do tend to spend BIG when courted properly. 100% of a game’s whales are in that 5% to 20% and giving those people an incentive to spend more money only helps the game as a whole. Quivers for all units capable of wielding a bow and hoods for elves are things that should absolutely exist and not having them is just throwing away money. But first they need to reprimand the gang member they used to position kazads and kettle helms or the hoods will be placed at some stupid angle covering their eyes.

There are also lots of things they could do with existing assets. How many people would pay 1 extra fate to change the color of their thunder hat to something from the standard pallet? Probably most people who buy thunder hats. I would happily spend 3 to 4 fate, for example, just to put this backpack on dwarven gilded gromril armor.


Jesse Shaffer

I’d also pay 1 fate to make this trooper helm look like a thunder hat. Incidentally, the game just glitched and turned it into a kazad for free. Now that is definitely throwing away money!