Energy for Aid

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
Hi fellow survivors

We have recently updated the system with new changes and fixes. The biggest change is splitting Energy and Power. Energy you buy and power you get recharged for free and can be use to move troops. You can now earn energy by helping friends that are under attack. we think this will be a more valuable reward for helping friends and encourage more social play.

Let us know what you think...and enjoy


A good update overall - I think giving out energy for helping friends is a better idea and is far less overpowered. I had around 200 support knocked off my total which is actually more than second place currently has - which is a ridiculous amount from just helping friends. It was also silly having support that could never be lost and now it means that the games leaderboards can be much more dynamic!

Also, I am really pleased that the amount of Power you have has been toned down - I had 150 energy and I could never use that amount - whereas I'm sure that I could eat through 90 pretty quickly. I am yet to gain any energy or do the new tutorial (which hasn't been alluded to here) but I will try and get around to doing that when I can!