Energy Matters


So I was having a conversation about the use of the energy system in Year 0 and was wondering what other people's thoughts were on it? Buying energy is disabled right now but when it comes to it, are you using the energy you are given wisely and will being able to buy it in the future make a difference to the way you play? How do you use your energy?

Any thoughts?



Just started playing and ran into the "Buying energy is disabled (with resources) right now" issue. Any idea when it might be enabled for resources? As it looks, you have to have it for upgrades - can't really play until we can convert resources into energy. I'd love to be an investor... but...

Gavin Rummery

Staff member
You can buy resources with energy, but not the other way around. If you want extra energy, you can either purchase it or earn it from helping friends.

But you don't need to unlock upgrades to play - you can scavenge them from wrecks. Energy is only needed to unlock them for building at any time.