Explanation of combat mechanic please


I have a question regarding the interaction between melee weapons (or a lack thereof) and the scripts for the ranged combat and weapons. Namely the impact on initiative and critical chance. Weapons or conditions that effect those stats such is being unarmed which I think gives +5 to Initiative and -5% to Critical, or say having a weapon equipped in the right hand that provides a bonus to either stat, boosting the initiative or critical hit chance is this a "global" modifier? Does the +5 I, -5% Crit of being unarmed impact the crit chance of your ranged weapon or the order in which you attack, spot, or are activated?
Can the Developpers please have a look at the Wiki's Combat page?


I've revised the whole mechanics with the help of Trapsinger, but I want to make sure everything is correct. Feel free to edit the description if I've made any mistakes. Most particularly, please pay attention to the Damage Rolls. Also, the modifiers for Range and Cover are not clear to me (and I'm not sure the modifiers for moving shooter/target are correct). Thanks!
Thanks for having pinned the Guide in the Support Forum. Would it make things less confusing for newbies if this thread is unpinned?