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    Reiklanders are supposed to be the best marksmen, Middenheimers the strongest melee beasts, Marienburgers the rich guys, Skaven the fastest. What we have now is unbalanced factions, let me explain:

    Where Skaven have +10 I base stat =starting with 35-45 I instead of 25-35 I, having all six I upgrades available (maximum I 75 instead of 65), and Marienburgers having automatic trading skills, Reiklanders don't start with 30-40 base BS and six BS skills to unlock, instead they have standart 25-35 base BS + 1 skill point, resulting in them having less unlockable skills (max BS is still 65, instead if 70). And same goes for Middenheimers and their S skills (instead of having 30-40 base and 45-55 max S they still have 25-35 base and 40-50 max S), + when promoting Middenheim captain, he doesn't have the W benefit.

    In conclusion, Skaven remain as the fastest, yet Reiklanders will not have best marksmen and Middenheimers will not remain strongest.

    There are few options of fixing this problem:
    1)Add 7th BS upgrade to Reiklanders and 4th S upgrade to Middenheimers +4th W upgrade to Middenheim captain
    2)Or make their base stat higher
    3)Or make Skaven use those 10 I in skill points

    I hope it was understandable.
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