Faction Suggestion: Dark Elves and High Elves

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Which would you like too see first?

Dark Elves 2 vote(s) 66.7%
High Elves 1 vote(s) 33.3%
Dark Elves again 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Mormacur the Sorcerer Private

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    Since the faction pool is expanding into "premium" factions/races. One of the next factions should be the Elves. I personally want to see Dark Elves first.
    Leader:Corsair or Fleet Master Access to both weapon skills and ranged. Only strength, Wounds and Fear skills. Dark Elves are known for their brutality and so the Leader of such a band should have access to Fear.
    Corsairs aren't known for their heavy armor such should limit the strength skills. They use dual swords or Hand crossbows.
    Alternative leaders: Sorceress or DreadLords. Sorceress Mage access to Dark Magic Staff and Sword like a Magister but Stronger in the magic department. Maybe access to some special artifacts that boost cast chance. Also with a sacrifice ability to only absorb Wound points from Allies to restore her own or Boost cast chance. How many she takes determines how many she gets. Can only be used once per battle.
    Dreadlords. Heavy Armor Druchii Lords. Should really be the same as Reikland Captians Have access to all those skills but cant learn magic.
    (Sorceress can only be female.)

    Minions: Dark Elf Warriors. Same as Reikland. If you want to can remove strength skills as they fight with Sword and shield or Spear and Shield. Shades or Darkshards for range. Shades light armor or padded armor crossbows and can fire while hidden sneaky archers. Darkshards would just be the same as Riekland archers but with crossbow skill instead. Corsairs would be just like the leader described above but no fear.
    These can be taken from just core units in the Dark Elf army roster.
    Side note. For archers should have the shoot twice skill to start. Or have the repeater crossbow have two attacks instead of one. I dont think they should start with this crossbow.

    Mercenaries: Executioners, Witch Elves, Khanite Assassins.
    Executioners Two handed heavy armor killers. Maybe with leadership and Fear.
    Witch Elves maybe some blood magic dual weapon no armor psycho killers maybe add in equitable head pieces and whips to make the Sisters or Slaughter.
    Khanite Assassins bascially just like Skaven but throwing weapons crossbows and poison blades. High initiative and extra move point able to hide really well. And move far while still being hidden. These are some of the best Assassins Warhammer has seen. They kill each other just to progress in their training.

    I would include beastmaster's or Blackguard those are some favorites of people maybe Witch Hags
    But Blackguard could just be a retextured armor maybe Gromil. And maybe a cosmetic to a helmet. Dark Elves want to spill blood and do it fast so initiative should be a big thing. If you go standard warrior and archers. Warriors should have strength skills archers should be crossbows only.
    If you do Corsairs light armor but should have weapon skills and strength skills to make it fair to deal with heavy armor units.
    Poison should be a thing in this army. Stun, Frenzy poisons maybe even a slowinging poison.

    To address beastmaster's they really aren't special unless you add in Hydras or Cold One pets. Which should not be a thing it just wont work.

    Another Note Witch Elves or Hags are the warrior priest to a Dark Elf Army. So if you add in a Hag or Witch Elf add in "prayers" magic to them. How you want to do this Is up to you as it is blood magic. But not in the sense of the Lore of Vampires. More like Warrior priest but blood instead of Holy relics. To improve cast chance for these in the off hand for shields or bows add in a Chalice of blood they can one hand a weapon and that or dual wield weapons. Or add it as a relic like the holy tome.

    As for armor. Gromil should represent Blackguard Armor as they are the most heavily armored units.
    Executioner armor should be plate or heavy armor. The standard cuirass should look like Dark Elf DreadSpears armor robe and chainmail. Helmets should be Elven helmets. Ilithimar should be the Corsairs armor its light and durable for those fast melee fighters.

    I'm not including High Elves into this post as it's long enough already and the High Elf roster is smaller. The biggest point would be the archers. They are in game as Shadow warriors probably just expand on that. Add in some Warriors and a Noble or Prince as the leader. Add in a Mage as a mercenary and White Lions with access to a pet White Lion. Add in the Swordmaster specialty tree with one of the skills being deflect shots.
    Phoenix guard dont make sense just like the Blsckguard but if you mist just make it armor cosmetics. Or retexture armors. In terms of special characters or certains things that need to be discussed it's just Good archers which we have or Magic or the Swordmaster skill tree. Or have Swordmasters as Mercenaries too.
    But really there isnt much to go into. We already have the Shadow Warrior Swordmaster would be the only thing to really discuss. Calvary doesnt make sense to discuss cause you dont have mounts.

    Dont take it as Dark Elf bias. I absolutely love both factions. It's just the High Elf roster isnt very Diverse.
    Also I didnt add wood Elves cause who cares
  2. CzaRus Major

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    Orks should be the next via the poll
  3. Algirdas25 Major

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    Where is 4 option? :
    No fucking Elven warband in My Mordheim !

    Second, next warband is Ork and friends
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  4. Double Misfire Major

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    No thank you!

    Organised warbands of elves from Ulthuan and Naggaroth would have no reason to travel the distance to Mordheim en mass after the comet struck. Sole elf rangers of ambiguous origin are about as much as you're gonna get.

    People forget that Mordheim's set in a very specific time and place, and not a cover all WFB skirmish game. High and Dark elf warbands existed in the Lustria expansion/alternate setting because they had a reason to be there (all the same being stupidly overpowered and hellish to play against).

    If you're desperate for an elf warband, run a human warband with four elf rangers and fire everyone else, or hope that Legendary implement the (setting apropriate) Wood Elf Scouts mooted in the new warband poll.
  5. Mormacur the Sorcerer Private

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    Well a band of Black ark Corsairs probably would. Corsairs raid pretty much anywhere for wealth and artifacts. They are pirates kinda what they do. Dark Elves have raided Lustria, Nekehara hell even the Chaos waste. For artifacts of power and wealth. These aren't really coastal raids all the time. Bands of shades will go deeper and Corsairs will too. This could be to sell it to Sorceresses as they deal in Dark magics and make pacts with deamons to increase their power. As for the High Elves of Ulthuian I cant think of a reason they'd be there. I just added them to this as to just be fair them. And Wood Elves idk what reason they'd need Warpstone for. I have forgotten any lore behind it.
  6. Algirdas25 Major

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    Ostenmark(mordheim was Ostenmark capital) is near world edge moutains , on the other side of Empire , to get to there as Black ark Corsair would be suicidal and best , next There were no Elven Warbands in mordheim (Elven warbands were to use in Lustria/Empire in flames setings ,

    here is list of warbands
    base mordheim
    merc( reikland,middenheimers,marienburgers), Skaven(klan Eshin, only),Undead(Vampire and frieds in service of Von Carstain) , Wich Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Cult of SoulCancer Possesed
    Expanded Mordheim (added in aditional Rules in town cryer)
    Carnival of Nurgle Chaos, Dwarf treasure hunters , Orc&frends, Bestmen raiders ,Ostlanders merc and Avenlanders merc
    Oher warbads are either unoficial or to be used in other seting(Lustria, Empire in flames , Cathay bordergore or something with sand )
    Elves (other than one guy with weird sword and some other dramatis personae, or elven ranger Hired sword) don't have any reson to be here
    same with Lizardmen , or battle monks(that is a weird warband), or restless dead , or normal pirates , or Bretonia Knights
    got my point?
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