Fast shot skill and aimed shooting


Hi there,

I recently got fast shot for one of my gangers and I found something that I don't know if it is the expected behaviour or not...

Without the fast shot skill you can either shoot (single action) and then take another action other than shooting or overwatch (for example, shoot + move) or you can aim shoot (double action).

The skill fast shot says you can take the shooting action twice per turn instead of once, so I was assuming that it only affected the single action shooting. You could shoot + shoot (I'm not sure if I should be able to also shoot + overwatch), but I thought that I will always have the option of aim shooting once (as it is a double action). However, once bought the fast shot skill I miss the option of aiming. There are times where the hitting chances are so low that I would prefer shooting just once aiming than shooting twice without aim. So, is this the expected behaviour? If you get fast shot skill you lose the ability to aim? Is the aimed shot option hidden anywhere?


Ok, so after using the skill several more times, I'm not sure about this, but it seems that when using the skill, first shot is aimed even though it is a single action (or at least it seems that first shot has always higher chances of hitting).
If so, I think fast shot shouldn't apply here as it seems reasonable that you should choose between shooting twice without aiming (two single actions) or shooting once aiming (one double action).


I've always thought that Aim was still applied if you have 2 action points (i.e. didn't move) because as you mentioned above, the pct. to hit is higher on the first shot.

You do lose the ability to go on overwatch if you fired twice as each shot takes up an action point. Works differently than Extra Attacks where you get multiple attacks using a single action point.