Favorite Warband Builds

Jesse Shaffer

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately playing two very different warband builds so I thought I’d share them. What are your favorites? Let us know so we can describe them on the wiki the right way.

The ultimate Witch Hunter Nemesis! This is a warband that’s extremely fun to play (and becomes a lot more so as it levels) but is extremely easy to mess up. I had to abandon my first attempt. With that said, if you want exciting effects laiden battles where you regularly destroy the opposite team to the last man while sustaining ZERO damage, then this is a build you should definitely consider. I really wish there were more of these to play against.
The ghoul in the above picture is named Juicy and his job is to be a stealthy sidekick and well-timed snack for my vampire. I’m probably going to deliberately get him killed after another 10 levels and hire one or two new dregs as cattle. Meaning, I’ll max out their health and initiative but nothing else and give them no gear. It’s morbid as heck but a necromancer tank that can bring the hurt in close combat is loads of fun. I’ve only played against two or three of these before and they weren’t implemented well. I’m going to add a leveling guide to the wiki so people have at least one painless way to create a coven.

This is another warband type that I’ve found to be extremely fun to play. These little guys are AMAZING! Retaining their human captain helps them level faster and (with his academic skills) get gear faster. I’ve never used a repeater gun before because of their short range and high cost but I was swimming in gold and thought, “Why not?” Since the halflings use short bows anyway, it’s been perfect so far.


Nice! both look fun to play. The warlock in my warband also has that Gandalf hat to the thunder hat looks funny on it too.

My favorite back in the old rating system were the solo warbands:

1) Solo merc captain who flies around armed with sniper rifle and skull hammer. Attacks and then flies to safety.
2) Solo Skaven Assassin - cast Sorcerer's curse and go to town with warlock pistols
3) Solo Necromancer - The vampire wasn't out yet so I tried this solo. It was fun, won some battles because no opponent suspected a frenzied necromancer charging right at them :) But was difficult to be consistently successful because he would fail his all alone test.

However, the problem with the old rating system is that every win you had increased your rating, regardless if you upgraded any skill. Thus eventually, your rating would get high enough where it would be too difficult to face off against full warbands who are also high level. Thus I had to max out these warbands, no more solo games. But lots of fun memories.


This thread made me think of starting a duo warband just for fun with a Witch Hunter Captain and Warrior Priest. Duo warbands used to work well in the old rating system too. I turned the above Skaven solo into a duo which was awesome ( some may remember seeing them, Ricky Bobby Shake N' Bake and Cal Noughton Jr :) )
For my Undead I run Vampire-Ogre-Dreg-Necro-Ghoul... The first 3 are pretty solid in 1v1s, though when together they act as a warm knife through butter, Eventually the necro will become good (my old one died) But before it was just so effective against everything, had a counter for everything to... And when you get pushed to the backfoot it becomes amazingly fun, As the warband has enough attacks and armour to make a comeback from any point in the battle... But the hilarious part is using the ghoul as cannon fodder, it has started to feel bad as he is now like level 15 and I have been trying to kill him for 100+ battles ... He is so loyal and I can count the amount of times he failed a all alone test, (for comparison my ogre has about 20 times in that time frame and I rarely send him off alone unless out of necessity) But the strat works so well (especially against AI) who rush him or shoot him giving away their positions to my, well more dangerous comerades.


Have to love skaven pistoliers.have 2 sorceress and assassin with doom. Dual.pistols and relevant skills. Wipes out vampires in one turn normally.
Great thread! I'd love to try my luck against the Coven warband!

Regrettably, all my warbands are predictably vanilla. I am (slowly) building towards an eight dog Witchunter warband though! :D