Favour of the Guilds!

Adam Smith

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Militant corporations defending their monopoly, Guilders are a big part of Necromunda and we have a long term plan to make them a bigger feature in the game. The first step is guilder themed boons that you can now buy in the shop for favour.

Also available in this release are Incendiary Grenades and Medicae Kits from all good hive trading posts.

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I like the new feature with gang ratings visible at the top, at least now I can see why I'm getting tabled! I bought a medikit for 3k, its says consumed on use, so is that once only then gone like grenades or once per battle? Seems a little pricey if its like grenades as healing 2 wounds doesn't sound all that great. Perhaps if used along with the new medic skill it might make sense in a tricky guilder mission.
Had a weird glitch/bug in live (latest version) tonight.

The scrap zone resulted in a battle, which my transit zone reinforcements arrived for. AI was a challenging level, but lasgun volleys from a snipers nest stopped them -battle won without suffering any damage.

At the end, it told me additional gear was available from the tech bazaar (but I hadn't teachers there yet) & going back to the cycle, the tech bazaar didn't result in battle & I was again advised of the gear available.

When the cycle was complete I entered the trade screen & my stash wasn't available & the gear rubbish. I did lose one battle in the cycle, but it was the patrol, so I can't see why I got the duplicated message & not access to my stash.