Fear from Rat Ogre

So, I just experienced this extremely odd... what I can only hope was a bug...

Rat Ogre in cover... charges a pit fighter and Reiklander with spear and buckler. The Rat Ogre takes its first two swipes against the pit fighter, and knocks him OOA. Third swipe against the Merc, and it's the Merc's turn... he takes three strikes against the rat ogre... says that he's scared. And then takes three swipes again. Says that he's scared. takes three swipes, rinse repeat. By this point my rat ogre has suffered well over 10 hits and is near death and I close out just in time to prevent the loss of a $2.40 digital monstrosity of Rat Mutant. To what I can only assume was a loop bug.

I couldn't tell if the merc was frenzied, but he was certainly scared... repeatedly, but not scared enough to -not- attack the Rat Ogre multiple times while he just stood there like a meat sack.