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    After the vampire emerged from store, i soon started an undead warband.
    This was my lineup: 1 necromancer, 2 dregs with shield and one hand weapon as tanks, 2 dregs with twohanders, 1 ghoul, 1 vampire and one warlock.

    And here is my Feedback for this warband:

    The vampire is an animal, he kills half enemy warbands singlehanded most times. Wow, every coin worth.

    And then comes the mess. I only bought one ghoul, and this was a wise decision. Ghouls are, similar to rat ogres quite good at the beginning with causing fear, good stats and 2 attacks. But real soon, the enemys all are immun to fear and are well equipt, so that the ghoul doesn´t penetrate the armour and simply is wiped out by any counter attack.

    So this is why i bought 4 dregs and only one ghoul, and in the long run, this is the better solution than using more ghouls. But dregs also have lots of weaknesses. Starting with really poor stats, they can´t counter equal human or skaven warbands even in the longer run. They have really weak Hit chance, are awesome with ballistic weapons and, the most angry disadvantage, lack the speed skill list, which means they are slow, can´t hide good, ... .

    The necromancer is doing his job quite well with lifting undead and supporting zombies and the doom speel, as is the warlock with the flight spell and his speel list.

    But in many games, my vampire kills 2-3 enemies before he is overrunned, while the rest of the warband is simply useless.

    This is very authentic to the original boardgame, where all of the undead warbands had exactly this problem. But on the other hand it is frustrating to buy the undead for 5 € and the vampire and the warlock for another 4 € and than simply fail again and again (which means more cost for reviving dead party members).

    Now, i play my skaven warband on, which develop well and will soon hit the 6000 Point mark ...

    For me, building an sucessfull undead warband means recruting 2-3 ogres as good supporters of the vampire. Which means that you have to buy an vampire, 2-3 ogres and a warlock for the speed. In cash, this is about 30 Fate minimum ... . Mmmmh.
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    I have had a similar problem,
    I just cant build around the vamp.
    Though the most effective strategy so far has been using a dreg as bait of sort (they are great pin cushions so taking a couple hits wont faze them to much)
    And saving up two attacks for vamps and ghouls and pounching,
    Even low level ghouls in 3v1 scenarios against armoured opponents (with 40-50+ WS) ill be able to get it done with the amount of attacks and in the vamps attacks he can genrally take out 3-5 of the opponents.
    As such the undead are designed to be best in the shadows with only the dreg seen,
    This hurts on missions with no cover, but whenever in a confined space this works perfectly.

    Though personally I really want some type of control over the zombies, this strategy would work much better if all my zombies were to swarm another enemy also instead they wonder off and get killed, which makes them a waste of money.

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