Five Wishes for Mordheim

Okay I love Mordheim and after playing 100+ games I have some thoughts, now some of these ideas come directly from the Mordheim Town Crier Magazine of the 90's so I can't take full credit for them but here is my top five wishes for the game:

1. Negate Robbed with Fate
2. Make Mordheim terrifying
3. Add Fog in certain areas
4. Have more loot to find
5. Add variable difficulty with map areas

1. Negate Robbed with Fate: Okay it is a bit brutal when death can be reversed with Fate but a robbery can't be. Later in the game I have found gold to be much harder to come by and sometimes it takes 20 games to save up enough gold to buy a good item. So what happens if your favorite warrior get's knocked unconscious while wearing Gromiril Armor? Well if you finish the game even if you win you can be screwed. The chance is too high to finish a battle only to have your warrior robbed of an item that takes waaaaayyyyyyyyy to long to save for. It has happened to me and it is terrible. Spending one or two fate to negate a robbery would alleviate that. Also I have had warriors robbed of expensive gear even though I have won a battle feels odd. I know you are working off of the old GW recovery table from the Mordheim rules but maybe robbery can only happen to a losing side? Nothing is worse that winning a very hard fought battle only to have your priceless gear stolen.

2. Make Mordheim more terrifying: Mordheim is supposed to be the scariest place on earth and you have done a great job with atmospherics and sound. What about something more? How about more dead bodies laying around that turn out to be zombies, packs of wild dogs that you discover when exploring, and the occasional large vicious giant rats. Random encounter enemies need not be difficult and should be weak but it would add a nice element of surprise to round a corner of a building and have to fight against a couple of stay mutated dogs!

3. Add Fog in certain areas: So after 50-60 games Mordheim transforms from a game where close combat is constant to a game where is becomes almost non-existent. I had a predominantly close combat warband that was fantastic until it became almost useless. Missile weapons are so good and marksmen so incredibly accurate late in the game that I did not win consistently until I had two long rifles in my warband. Sadly I miss close combat, my warriors are now meatshields for my marksmen and I have just fought 20 battles without any meaningful hand-to-hand action. So why not add an errie fog in certain locations that will 1. add to atmospherics of the creepiest place on earth and 2. provide negative modifiers for missile combat and hide troops sneaking around. Let me tell you an all missile based game is really boring as there is much less strategy involved. The game is best when it is a balance of both distance and close combat.

4. Have more loot to find: I love looking for Wyrdstone, boxes and chests hidden in the game. The problem is there is surprisingly little to find. I understand making Wyrdstone rare but having additional loot items is probably a good idea. You have done so much incredible work in the game it would be nice to have more reasons to explore these fantastic buildings. I usually see one to three loot crates in a game why not make it closer to nine or ten. Also why not up the treasure value of the items? Many times I will cross the map to claim a box only to find 1 GP which hardly seems worth it. Finding 15GP in a box would be incredible, especially considering how expensive items are later in the game. Also it would reward players who took the time to explore.

5. Add variable difficulty with map areas: So the map is pretty random all the areas are pretty much the same, what if locations on the outer edges of the map in settlements were "safer" with less items to find but less danger while areas closer to the center of the city and the Black Pit were more lethal. Dangerous areas could be filled with more wyrdstone, loot crates, and random items but also contain additional traps, random monsters and errie fog. Also being knocked out in a difficult location could have a higher chance of death. Right now the game is set so it is just the same everywhere you go, why not make the incredible Mordheim map work for you and have the players make a real choice about the difficulty of where they will explore with a high risk/reward system?

Just a few thoughts. I love this game so much keep up the great work!
#2, #4, and #5 fall under the same area. Yes it would be nice to have more variability.

Battles quickly become boring if most battles arejust "rout the enemy". I sometimes see other objectives like reach a large circle and prevent the enemy from having more characters than you. Sometimes I see a variation where one team starts there and has to defend it, making it King Of The Hill.

Greater loot in terms of quality and numbers from maps would also be very nice. Best Ive found is a Crossbow and a Bugman's Beverage, but even then actually having things to look for is a nice sidequest.

#3 that is hard. SHooting is either really powerful or really weak based on warband comparisons. Ive encountered major problems with the enemy decked out in heavy armor and using cover with the only thing making is even close to fair is that they dont have Armor Training and Sprint to make them much faster. Bringing anti-shooting weather effects just means you hate shooters. Now if it cut down view range of ALL characters that could be interesting as you have to choose if you want to spread out your warband to search or keep them close to support each other.

#1 well thats back to the above ideas. You should be able to find equipment more often. Like find an intact blacksmith's shop and pick up a Greatsword or a gunshop and find a Handgun. The Permanent Injuries are still really nasty and Robbed is definitely horrible. Allowing some people to ignore the system for cash already shifts things poorly. Making it so only regular people loses equipment from being Robbed is just a double-standard.
Great Points Chaosticket,

I know this game is just getting started but it is already soooo damn good I have put way more time into it than I have any other GW mobile app.

Yes I find all the games essentially become 'route the enemy' by default which is fine but I would like to see more. Maybe instead of fighting an enemy warband you go into an area overrun with zombies and you have to gather Wyrdstone and escape before you are overwhelmed. Additionally the enemy AI for take and hold games is some times very weak and ineffective where it just has the enemy warband charge forward and run to the objective while ignoring your warband.

Yah I think fog that effected everyone would be pretty awesome and not and every game effect but sometimes it comes in and reduces visibility for everyone which would make sneaking more effective.

I think in over 100 loot crates I have explored I have 30 talab knives, 2 bugmans brews, 1 shortbow and 1 longsword and the rest one or two GP. There are so many items in the game that finding more random loot should be more common and more fun.

Thanks for the comments Chaosticket.
Id like to see AI enemies but those are awaiting full warbands.

Skaven are supposed to be next so Giant Rats could be part of their warbands. Warhounds could be a piece of equipment/new warband member or part of the Witch Hunters warband. Zombies=Undead Warband.

I keep noting how it says "creatures" can be chosen as part of your warband but nothing yet. Still hoping
With only eight slots available I don't think I would spend a roster position on an animal (rat ogre being the exception). In the old board game you could have up to 15 members so it made sense. In addition to being part of warbands feral dogs, rats and zombies would also make great random encounters.

Regarding the use of fate. The game is set to make money and it is because it is profitable that they can afford to hire the coders to make more warbands and more content. I am completely okay with spending fate to negate a robbery (one or two) as long as the percentage chance of being robbed is the same. Spending fate in this way is much kinder than loosing 800GP of gear to a bad "die roll".
1. Agree. Robed is much more painfull than death hahaha. Especially in the later campaign where every strenght and rmour point counts.
2. Not sure if it's the time for NPCs. Idea is ideed cool but let's get more warbands, more objectives etc
3. Fog... As a cosmetic it would be nice. As an actual "gaming" feature, I'm not so sure.
4. Yes!! More loot, I'm tired of these Talab Knifes and shortbows. Especially, as you mentioned, when you move a warrior some distance to actually claim the box, not pick it on a way to objective.
5. As with 2 it's still to early imho. Also random happening should be very balanced.
Are you still on aboiut that? you can CURE DEATH.

Lose an one-handed axe? 5 gold. Lose Gromril armor? up to 1200 gold
Robbed is game over depending on what you lost. Losing a Repeater handgun, Hochland Long rifle/scoped rifle, gromril armor means you just lost 500-2000 gold.

You cannot replace lost gold anywhere near that amount.
Yeah, I had one game where three of my warriors were robbed after one battle that I lost and I took it in stride because they were only armed with shields, hand weapons, and light armor.

However, when my marksmen was robbed after a battle I won (my only casualty) and I lost my Hochland Long Rifle it was a devastating. Death would have been so much more preferable to robbert, which doesn't seem right to me. I would gladly have paid 2 Fate to keep from losing the long rifle especially since I had just spend 20 games grinding to eek out the gold necessary to buy the weapon.

After I lost the long rifle I had to retire the warband because it wasn't fun to play anymore. At the higher levels 1100+ gold becomes painfully hard to scrape together and unless you are exceedingly well armed you will lose ALOT. I wasn't sure what I was playing for other to scale the leaderboards.

So now I am eagerly awaiting the Skaven, I can't wait to dive back in!