Fixes and Improvements to Balancing

Prabdeep Bazaz

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Since the last update went out, we have continued to work on changes and improvements to balancing from player feedback. This update includes a variety of fixes and improvements that should enhance the balancing of matchmaking and battles.

Changes include:

We have reduced the chances of obtaining multiple injuries
Moved to heal permanent injuries to the Rogue Doc
Changed the power value of the Order Skill
Changed the action range the Order Skill can be used in
Fixed scenarios where the game was Freezing
Fixed issues with skills not adding to the power value
Fixed two-handed ranged weapons in close combat

Thank you all for your continued feedback and patience while we work towards improving the game.

We are actively listening and reacting to player feedback, please keep in contact on Discord and the Forums.

Download the update below

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Good fixes. Thanks to listening to our suggestions.

I guess I'll switch out those meltaguns to actual close combat weapons for my melee gangers.
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