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    It would seem we have a wide variety of players that have joined the forums. Some of us have only been able to play the digital version, and some of us have been playing since the original tabletop. I am one of the former. As such I've called a couple things bugs not realizing they were working as intended. So, in the interest of enlightening those like myself, I'm posting a link here with what I'm pretty sure are the rules for Mordheim. Those of you with more experience are welcome to fact check my findings. This may give us a better understanding not only of what is and isn't a bug, but of different strategies we can use.

    For example, two things that greatly changed how I viewed the battlefield:

    1. Cycling which warrior is in the front to draw missile fire. Since Marksmen have to shoot at the closest target, drawing fire away from an injured unit is an excellent way to keep them alive.

    2. The weapon values made it easier to decide what equipment to use. (Since the most current release this is now displayed in the game anyway, but my point remains valid.)

    Hope this all helps!
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    Thanks for linking every one to this! There's probably quite a lot of people that aren't familiar with the rules of the actual table top itself. So hopefully reading this will help them understand some of the mechanics we've implemented within the game... A lot of aspects in the game will be explained via a tutorial, but until that's implemented this will certainly help.
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    Umm... WOW! walk down memory lane. I remember working on a bunch of those rules with various people. Page 315 has my encampment rules. I think some showed up in TC but were very different than I originally envisioned them,
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