Forcing disconnection after a full round

It's the third time today I have a match against the same Dwarven Warband : Cazadores de Bugman (647). Each and every time, he's iddle and doing nothing but playing my patience with the timer. I find his 6 Dwarves standing exactly at the same spot they started in (confirmed by the absence of footprints in prior turns). That's a total of 6 minutes per turn (6 x 30 seconds, twice because turn is delayed and then played), just looking at my screen and doing nothing.

Then, the moment action is about to start, he disconnects. IMHO, I think he's doing this on purpose, in the hope I'll disconnect before he does, so he get all the rewards for no efforts. And it probably worked a few times before. I recall disconnecting from a few games this week, thinking there was a bug and the app froze. But it must have been this opponent, just doing nothing.

Can something be done about this? Maybe the player can be issued a warning? Or maybe the Developpers could force a disconnection if at the end of round 1 you haven't moved at all?


There should be some kind of penalty for this kind of people, disconnection is something usual, and sometimes PvP crashes. I think if somebody disconnects 2-3 times without ending a match he shouldn't be able to play PvP for 24-48h. There are some other ideas in other threads, but when we go PvP we should end the match with all the consequences. Some have fear of losing their members, and there is a injury chance, but not moving at all? If it's not a bug of some kind of problem it's intended. For playing safe we have the AI.
not moving at all? If it's not a bug of some kind of problem it's intended.
Indeed. For 3 whole games, that player did NOTHING but let the timer run out for 6 minutes per turn. Last game he disconnected at the beginning of turn 3, so I've lost 12 minutes there. Pretty sure the other games were just the same, or maybe a turn later. All in all, that's 36+ minutes looking at a screen that does nothing at all.


Lol! I faced this warband last night. I'm pretty sure he's doing this on purpose hoping this opponent will give up an disconnect. Little did he know that I'm watching a movie while playing so I'm not too worried about waiting :) As soon as my warrior rushed in and killed one of his guys he disconnected (on Turn 3 I think).

Also as an fyi if an opponent disconnects and it is still your turn, don't hit the ok button but instead continue to press the attack button. You can still kill his warrior and I think (hope) that the results still transfer when he logs back in.
Again, same Warband, same dude who just play the timer. Happened to me again, and again, for the 4th and 5th time. I took some screen captures, that clearly show the Dwarves still in their starting zone at the end of turn 2 (I got there that fast because of Infiltration). This makes no sense, as his Miner should have move 3 times already, and each other units, at least 2 times. Oh please, do something about it. It's a plague!