Freelancer customisation themes for gromril armour

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    You've recently introduced the faction agent customisation themes for various warbands (which are awesome by the way), and it got me thinking - "end game" warbands made up of guys in matching suits of gromril get very samey, so why not offer the three(?) existing suits of unique freelancer heavy armour (currently available as full plate) as customisation themes for mercenary (and maybe witch hunter and undead warbands)?

    It seems like a win/win, I know I'd pay good money to not have all my Reiklanders wearing bloody cloaks, and looking a little more like a ragtag group of treasure hunters and less like a very well equipped state regiment; and the assets are already there (you could give them a quick gold or bronze trim if you wanted to differentiate them from regular suits of freelancer full plate). :D

    I'd suggest pit fighter armour themes too, but they don't exactly gel with heavy armour. Maybe ithilmar?
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