Frenzy Does Not Allow Black Hunger on Skaven to be Used

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  1. Auretious Taak Corporal

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    So one of my Skaven got madness Frenzy, and that is awesome...however I suddenly can't use Black Hunger if I'm within charge range or melee combat already. Black Hunger is a double edged sword that gives more attacks and speed whereas frenzy is a psychological working yoruself up to dish out more attacks regardless of who it is. The two shouldn't be exclusiory of each other imho. Is this a bug? If it's not, then it would be reallya ppreciated if it could be changed such that you can still use Black Hunger if you want to even if frenzied. Have it that the warrior still charges the enarest enemy if in range, but after that initial attack,a llow the option to activate black hunger. At the same time, if you are out of charge range but activate black hunger and are suddenly inc harge range thanks to the extra movement from Black Hunger, then frenzy should kick in for an auto charge but also with the black hunger effects added into the mix 9assuming Black Hunger doesn't stun you in the process).
  2. Amaan Shawkath Quality Assurance

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    Yes, what you've described is intentional and has been put in place as a way of balancing the game. Thanks for your suggestion though

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