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Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by Ewan Lamont, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Ewan Lamont

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    We have done a lot of work on unit balancing but only time will tell if we have got this right...What do you think? Are there any times when the game is too hard or too easy? What about the units? Are some too weak or powerful compared to cost?
  2. Golden Private

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    I think the game balancing is fairly good. Although the Scout unit cost 0 resources this should really be about 10 or 15 as it is a little too easy when you can spam these units, but the infantry unit deflects this as most marauders I have fought so far have been using a balanced army which appeared to match my force fairly. I had to sneak around the map and sit in a building to defeat them which greatly improved the tactical thinking of the game.

    Overall, I thought the game was great because it had lots of cool art and the way the game flowed worked really well. I hope this feedback helps to improve the game :).
  3. Jemma Corporal

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    Oooh thanks for your feedback Golden! And thanks for giving us an idea of what kind of tactics players are using, it's really interesting to hear that!

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