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Heya good people of Necromunda!

I'm firing up this thread, so if anyone has a question about the game's mechanics, finds something strange and/or unexplainable in the game and wants to ask stuff about them.. well, now they can and in a more transparent/permanent/searchable form - than say.. like, on Discord.
(And there's a chance of finding bugs this way, oh yeah! I love hunting bugs!)

And who knows.. maybe if we make a general thread about stuff like this and it grows, perhaps sometimes it'll grab the attention of our beloved game's gods' -the devs'- it's creators' attention, so they themselves could answer some of the more mysterious phenomenons found while playing!

"How does it work?"
"Why did my character die from healing?"
"What's the equation/formula for calculating fire damage?"
"I was playing with my gang of Escher and when one of my girls gone prone from a shotgun blast and I saw her a.."
"Can I open a can of beer while one of my characters are stunned, shocked, entangled, knocked back and then next turn: finally dead? How would that affect my gang's performance?"
"Is there a surefire way to tell if someone is a crazy lunatic or a damn genious?"
"What is the meaning of life the universe and everything? I mean in-game."
"Why does my gangster, who's armored like fuuu-... take a ton of damage from the enemy's little stubber, while he does 1 or none at all (because it all got deflected somehow) when he returns fire with his bolter to said unarmored enemy....?????"

Stuff like that.

Come on! Go ahead! Ask, to be anwsered!
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Padré Luke

Okay. So..

One of my latest matches was against these "Kachino" dudes.

'Twas a "Territory Takedown".
So.. as soon as the fight has started the two teams were instantly spawned in on the map aaand the enemy had initiated the turn.
I mean okay, I understand that perhaps some guys on the enemy team had higher Initiative skill, alright.

So yeah, the two teams spawned, with a clear line of sight between them, so the first turn the one nibba dude indicated by the red circle just injected some lead into my poor Knotgillcup dude, who has an intolerance to lead, so he immediately fell over 'cuz of a serious allergic reaction:
bull's crap.png

Poor guy now has to sit in the Rouge Doc's comfy chair, sip some tea while the doc pumps him full of antibiotics, steroids and some candy.

How did all this happen? Why did all this happen?

Okayyy, enough about this match, I've won it anyway.
Poor s.o.b.s didn't stood a chance.

But wait! There's more! ...

Padré Luke


The preceeding one was against some Escher gang and was also a kind of disaster.
I mean.. there were some bloody serious "WTF?!"-moments aaall throughout the match, but.. (heh.. "butt"..) but I think something's wrong with some calculations... or well, maybe Lady Luck is a frigid hag afterall.. or something like that.
I'm saying that because just look at this:

unhappy dude 39 pct.png

Dude has a 39% chance reloading his pew-pew, right?

I'm kinda good at figuring out mathematics, I know probability theory, but duuude guy m80s...


I have four Ammojacks on the gang.
That's a cumulative 10*4 = 40 per cent chance at reloading at any time.
That makes the frowning dude's chance at reloading a 79 / 100, right?

So, all weird happenings around the enemies' movements, hits, damages, dodges, whatnot aside..
...why is that the frownin' dude had failed to reload his pew-pew for four consecutive turns?
(2 APs spent each turn. So that's 8 tries.)

Is the enemy that lucky or am I cursed or both?

And this is not a one-off thing, the same kind of "stream of misfortune" had happened with me many, many times.
Like I mean.. what the flock?

Anyway 'twasn't a big deal this time as I've won this one too. But, maaang..!

Padré Luke

Then you're pretty wrong my friend, as it does stack, it has been confirmed by one of the devs here on the forums already.
Not factoring in Parrying weapons, does having a higher melee skill than an opponent give you a bonus to hitting them, similar to how the smartphone Mordheim game did it? For the record, the smartphone Mordheim game gave you a 50% inherent chance to hit, modified then by the difference in your melee skill vs your target's (i.e. you have 10 more points in weapon skill than your opponent; you have a +10% chance to hit).

Or does this game simply give a flat bonus to accuracy for leveling up melee?