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Padré Luke

I think I seldom -before playing Necromunda- or ever have heard of them, I don't know who these dudes are:


..but I can tell y'all one thing for sure: Grand Beats really knows what they are doing.
As I've told it many times before: they're awesome, the game's music is awesome!


I saw it mentioned somewhere earlier by someone that the game should utilize a wider musical soundtrack. (With which I couldn't agree more.)
To which someone replied that they're listening to their own music whilst playing the game.

So, what are we listening to while playing the game?

I'll start, with a youtube video, to show a good example:

The Algorithm - Trojans
(click/tap on something!)

(WHOT? I can't link yt? Hmm...

Listening to this while playing the game makes images appear on my mind: as a Van Saar group on their assignment sense the imminence of a combat taking place soon..

That ditty in the beginning of the track.. it's like:
- "There's going to be a clash."
Then in a jiffy:
- "Engage the enemy!"

Aaaand: Off!, the bridge comes a lorry...

Oh, and as a little side-quest:
There are samples from well-known videogames throughout the track.
I don't know how many there are, but I could clearly hear "C.A.B.A.L.", from Tiberian Sun ("Connection.. Estabilished.."), "MO-MO-MO-MO-MONSTER KILL!", from the classic "UT'99", and the "!" or "" from MGS. (You probably can't see the musical note if you're on MacOS. But anyway: there are linked content if you click on those symbols.)
Can you find them?

The Algorithm.
Pretty basick stuff.

*edit: THE GAEM
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Padré Luke

And now, that I've listened to it for the nth time, I find this Limp Bizkit starter track from the new album quite fitting for the game.
I mean.. just try listen to the music! (Ah, and yea, there are some lyrics, and some curse words too, but the music, the music! .. It's amusing.)



Music during the game is really important! Previously, I always turned on music while playing single player games. Although, of course, there were exceptions. For example, it is better not to score the same Mass Effect with unnecessary noise, some of the buzz is lost. I will also take the third "Witcher" here. But the Arkham series on "Batman" only began to play with new colors when I turned on the music from Nolan's "Dark Knight" in the background. In fact, music plays a big role in your mood and in multiplayer, you turn on some kind of hard dubstep and run to demolish heads in CS GO. And if the skin is also suitable, then it's a class at all! By the way, do you like skins in cs go? If yes, then you can do trade csgo skins with the help of special sites.
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