Get more xp for killing vampires?


There's no doubt that vampires are the strongest models in the game, they can easily defeat 2/3 warriors without take serious damage. So, may it be that killing a vampire gives more xp? Like 1 or 2 additional points?


Doubt it. Once you get higher up humans with comet mauls start messing you up. He can easily tank early in the game but you rush 4 guys like that later in the game and he gets reduced to a squishy blob if you don't manage to kill them all


The only time you could get more than 1 xp for killing something in the tabletop version was if you killed the monster in the monster hunting scenario. So there is no reason to give extra for vamps.

Besides, if you are fighting an AI vamp, he usually goes all Leroy Jenkins, ends up shot to bits, or surrounded and beat to a pulp... so while strong, they are not impossible to kill.
I have been using alot of undead and I only run a vamp and necro atm so that i can earn more money from shards and cheaper prices at shop.
And tbh I always nervous with the vamp against humans.
Like i am at around 460power rating (well the medals thing) i versed someone at 260, and they had to defend the area, if i hadnt brung a herb within two rounds my fully armoured and sheilded vamp would have been dead.
Though skaven dont have that luxury and even 500rated skaven i have been able to take out without a problem just with my vampire.
But as stated before I have to be careful and I aint even that high a level (my vamp is at lvl.28 now) because with good execution of stradegy and equipment vampires dont stand a chance.


I think there's already something factored into the ratings for Vampires. A while ago, I faced a solo Vamp warband. We both had about 1,100 rating but in the end, I got the underdog bonus.

Yeah, vampires go down fairly easily if you're able to attack with multiple high level opponents in the same turn. It all mostly comes down to who has the alpha strike. Skaven can also easily kill vamps, mine has done so multiple times, just cast sorcerer's curse, then the first skaven can either kill the vamp or get him down to almost dead. The second skaven comes in and throws a water bottle to finish the job (lol I love the animation of a water bottle flying towards a vampire and then seeing him drop dead).