Giant Rats - Review

Are you enjoying the new giant rats?

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Come an gather around the campfire.
The new giant rats are here.
They are quite stellar, tying up troops and showing me where the enemy is. Sometimes they box me in however.
Thier path finding is set to creep towards cover, sometimes they are everywhere with seven of them.
Overall they are good at finding the enemy even if you don't know exactly where he is you just need to follow the rats.
I won't say it was well worth the wait for them and even though it takes longer to load maps I quite like them.
They really feel like what skaven should be like even tho I can't make them or look at thier stats they do die sometimes and they only have 4-6 up but it's enough to ward off a few arrows and blows and Thier charge rang is impressive.

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
Good review. There is a wee tweak on Thursday that will show their stats and make them get under foot a bit less. We are also working on a packmaster hiresword that can be used to coordinate them better.


Good to know, at least I can save that last slot, any spoilers as too how much gold im going to need to save to get him?
Human warhounds I am okay with as you can only have one per warband and they add character. I would personally have rather waited til witch hunters but I can live with them.