Giant Rats

Discussion in 'Testers' started by MasterDrumer, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. MasterDrumer Private

    How do I acquire these giant rats to test out? I haven't seen them yet.
  2. Ewan Lamont

    You can buy them in the store and equip them in the camp scene or buy them straight in the camp scene

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  3. MasterDrumer Private

    Ah okay awesome thanks!
  4. Ewan Lamont

    No Problem. Has any other external testers found any issues with them or playing against them?
  5. Salj Major

    Do we have an in skimish model yet? I love to see whats coming to the live version at some point
  6. Marquand Major

    What is their function? what do they do?
  7. Ewan Lamont

    Thanks for the dm feedback testers. Looking forward to R day this Thursday :)
  8. Salj Major

    you mean another sleepless night playing with rats geez thanks, are they a shop item if so how much gold should i be saving for them?
  9. Ewan Lamont

    Only one more sleep to check it out.. Will announce soon.

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