Hey mates,

I just encountered a warband that was to say the least a "metal armoured bug".
Every armour check they made saved, every single one. Statistically unlikely, even when encased in a million tonnes of steel, given I was using superior black powder as well as mass melee attacks.
Every hit they made was a max damage crit.
I'm wondering if it's possible for some cheating turd to be able to hack in and add a little subroutine or something similar that will grant complete invulnerability and infallibility?

By the way, I received NO xp for this encounter, apparently the terminator squad was rated lesser than mine, another thing I'm entirely suspicious of when things like this happen.

If I see them again, I will note the warband name down for you.



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I'm sure the devs will look into this one. Whenever possible in these sorts of situations, I suspect the name of the opposing warband is very helpful to the devs.


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Not good. But we can't do much investigating without a name unfortunately :(

If you happen to come across this Warband again, or any you feel are suspicious, please do let us know what their names are!