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    This release has a series of fixes and improvements including improved spawning on some maps and new heavy armour themes that you can access from the customise option or the palette button inside the camp.

    The Dwarf hat Christmas promo will run for one more week and the next release will feature the changes from the Dark Pact Poll! Head over to our poll to have your say in the change - https://bit.ly/2R20t6J

    Download the update on Browser, Android and Apple.

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    Found a bug? Report it here - https://forms.gle/MXi6SAt1jfxuq9rQ6

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    These are great, but can we get the freelancer and even pit fighter armour options too? Especially for Reiklanders who's heavy armour options are rather pabulum, being composed entirely of the same pyjamas with choice of silver breastplate.
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