Happy New Year!

Prabdeep Bazaz

Social Media Manager
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We hope everyone had a good break over the festive period and are looking forward to the year ahead!

As development continues on Necromunda: Gang Skirmish ready for its anticipated release this year, there is also plenty of work still to be done on Mordheim.

This latest update for Mordheim includes various optimisations, ready for the new warband which is set to be released later this month!

This will be our tenth warband and second premium warband in the game and we still plan to release more in the future!

Download the update on Browser, Android and Apple.

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Hi - after this update the Mordheim-App asks for access to photos, media's and files on my tablet.
Is that now necessary for the game?

Prabdeep Bazaz

Social Media Manager
Staff member
We've recently updated the version of the android files used by the game. This is just a re-request for access. The access is used to save your account, warband and save data.