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    I'm having a go using this on my PC (laptop Dell XPS 17), Ipad mini, and HTC One M7.

    HTC Android,
    Login, I am able to enter my login details but pressing the Sign in button doesn't do anything.

    Ipad seems ok, but I was in an area of slow internet so will check again more later.

    PC issues I have found are.
    Scavengers, if you click on a unit just after moving a different unit if you wish to just scavenge the option isn't available as the button is still set as end turn. (this is hard to replicate as there must be a sweet spot for clicking on the unit to do this)
    Sometimes when entering a battlefield you have to wait quite a long time for your turn when in an area with no enemies what so ever.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Joe! I'll report these things to the guys (although I see Ewan's already liked it - oops) and let them know what's up!

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