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    Hello all!
    Some time ago heal injuries work a bit diferent than now. For explanation lets take this example:
    • A mercenary get a "good" injurie like "frenzy", then you decide keep it
    • After some games, the same mercenary, get a "bad" injurie like "broken leg" decide heal him:
    The heal system some versions ago:
    • If you heal the mercenary at battle resume (the screen that show how many exp each warrior get), only the second injurie, in this case "broken "leg", disappears.
    • If you choose skip this opportunity, then go to the camp, select the mercenary see all his injuries. Heal the clear all injuries, in this case "frenzy" and "broken leg"
    The heal system now:
    • If you heal the mercenary at battle resume or at camp, both cases clear all injuries, "frenzy" and "broken leg"
    I fell this like a bug, but i dont know if it is.


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