Health bar feature is now live!


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Today I'm very happy to announce our featured content update of the week. This update I'm sure will impress and it'll make your raiding experience easier so we are all very excited at Legendary Games to see what you think, so lets get straight into it!

Until now, the only way for you to check the life points on a unit is to click on them then load up the intel screen making it a 2 click process. This isn't aesthetically pleasing enough for us and our users so the long process begun of how to implement a visible health bars feature. And we think we've cracked it.

You can now click on any unit and it will display the unit type and the health bar. The health bar is taken directly from the intel so its just as accurate. This allows you to check your health quickly without the fuss of the intel flaps loading up. Additionally, the unit icon is extremely useful for when you have units occupying buildings or forests to quickly inform you where each unit is based. We think after our careful consideration of implementing feature this is the best way to do it, let us know what you think with a comment below.

You can play Tactics here:
health bar.jpg