How can we tackle quitters?


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Live PvP games take considerably longer to complete and because of this we want to ensure that both players participating are going to be fully committed to finishing a match. Unfortunately for some of you, it appears that you've encountered a fair share of quitters very early on, which is something we want to put an end to.

We know that a lot of you don't have vast amounts of time to spend playing matches so when you do get the chance to play, we want you to be able to enjoy it.

A possibility is like the PC and consol Mordhime City of the Damned "out of action" all disconnecting warriors.

Let us know what ideas you have in mind, and what you think would deter players from wanting to do this in the future. We'll review everything that gets discussed as soon as possible!


My guess is that there are two reasons someone might quit: they don't like the match-up; they get scared when a few of their warband get taken OoA and want to minimise losses.

The former could be solved by including an "Accept Match" step - see this thread

The suggestion there would also remove some of the irritation for the player who has had someone disconnect on 'em.

The latter is harder to legislate for...when you say "injure a warband", what do you mean? Dish out injuries to all the warband members? Or do you mean slap on a no-PvP cooldown to that warband/player? I think I prefer the cooldown idea, as the former can be circumvented by purchasing fate (which, while it might be tempting from a commercial point of view, potentially creates an environment where you can be a pain in the arse if you're willing to pay for the privilege).


My biggest irritant is lack of opponents. Today I spent over 15min looking for a fight. I've noticed after about 5 failures to find opponents the pvp option will not turn gold. Does this happen when no one is playing the game with an appropriate level warband? I get more luck, and an equal # of disconnects with lower point bands.
Sorry for the "off topic" but when after 10+ min of looking for an opponent, then they disconnect in turn 2 AAAARRRRGHHHHHH.
I'd appreciate an option for the remaining player to end the battle after someone disconnects. If i wanted to fight the ai i would have done that.
G'day all,

I'm a bit of a hard bastard. I think a penalty should be one that deters poor behaviour before it happens, and slaps the offender hard when they do so they don't try again.

1. A full warband OOA for disconnectors sounds fine, however as Q pointed out there is a catch with Fate users buying their way out of a penalty. There is also the fact that the warband would probably be fine, bar a few scratches and maybe a death. It's not much of a punishment, and could actually roll in their favour.

2. A cooldown period, or the naughty chair, similarly lacks any actual deterrent unless the period is a frustratingly long one. Perhaps 24 hrs? Or a cumulative penalty of one hour per manual disconnect, permanently.

3. Name and shame has always been effective. If the PvP options were to include a warband rating and an option to fight or bale, then there could also be a warning if the opponent is a quitter, maybe in large flashing letters that both players can see. Humiliation.

4. A virtual pillory? The warband is banned for a period of time, and is displayed in the Town Cryer in large unfriendly letters, with an option that we can throw virtual rotten cabbages at them?

Of course, these are options in the time out/ cooldown vein.

5. Honestly, I'd give them three chances, and when they strike out, so to speak, have the warband exiled to the shadow realm of cheats and scourges. Whether they pay or not. Then, have the names of ALL the offending warbands listed for all to see by the Town Cryer, with their players gamertags.



I'd just like to add one thing to this discussion.

If/when you do implement a penalty for disconnecting, I would request that the penalty doesn't get applied unless there are multiple intentional disconnects in a short time.

Background: I'm a stay at home father of 2 little girls, and we have a foreign exchange student staying with us. I have on occasion started a PvP game thinking that I had plenty of time, only to encounter a child emergency and been forced to quit out. I've played maybe 30 PvP games total, and I've had to quit out of 2 or maybe 3. I'm not doing it maliciously, or because the match up is unfair. I play the Revenge of the Hamburgers, and I'm sure people on both sides will you tell (if they remember) that I'm happy to stay and get slaughtered to the last man, twice in a row, by maxed out skaven, and equally happy to stay for 0 experience when my opponent can't kill my fighters in gromril. But I still owe an apology to a skaven player yesterday who barely got to see my guys on the field before I had to quit because the two teenage girls I was with suddenly decided to *stop* shopping at the mall an hour early. And I'm sure anyone who's dealt with teenage girls can tell you that was extremely unlikely to happen.

Anyway, my point is, sometimes real life gets in the way when you don't expect it to. And I think that killing my whole warband might be a slightly harsh punishment for that. So maybe just wait for the second disconnect in an hour? Or something along those lines.


I agree with Wizard, he is indeed a bastard. (Proper Bastard, see Sharpe for details).

The rotten cabbages idea is a good one.

I would like to echo Uncle Trapsinger above, my own familial warband has four youngbloods with our newest recruit joining only eight weeks ago. Someties we need to quit a game. A limit on the number of quits in a single time frame or number of games is a good suggestion.

We could take inspiration from DOTA and other games like it where repeat quitters are sent to 'the shadow realm' where they only get match ups with other quitters. LoL had a cool system where players could read the details of a game and vote on whether or not a quitter is fit for punishment. Perhaps send repeat quitters unknowingly against a full-on cheat-enabled AI that has perfect knowledge, impossible gear and random names like Ayamach Eeet, Q. Witter and Yuke Hunt