How do double actions work?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Moo, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Ok, so after playing some team called the white council, with 5 warlocks (I assume one is the leader, turned magic) I have a few questions.
    I’m going to assume the team is legit and that that simply means there are parts of this game I don’t understand, but a few things I wasn’t expecting:
    1. Two of his warlocks managed to take 0 damage from my attacks, like when armour absorbs/blocks it, but I was under the impression that warlocks couldn’t wear armour, so how did two different warlocks block two of my hits (one from a sling, the other from my full strength skill, melee leader.
    2. Every single one of his warlocks got two turns each round. How speedy do you have to be to get an extra turn? How does that mechanic work?
    3. Who owns that team? It is insane. Do skill points in spells not count, or something? They MUST have maxed spells. Small sample size, but I’m not sure they failed a single spell.

    Oh, and a single complaint: get rid of one of perception, lantern, or the turnip. Having all three of those things means you can’t stealth at all. Not being able to hide in the shadows of mordheim seems a bit off character.
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    That would be the Lucky Charm accessory item, allowing equipped warriors to ignore their first hit of the battle. It's quite expensive and hard to find.

    Unless you're an AI controlled zombie, there's no way to take a double turn. It could have seemed like the warlocks were taking double turns using the Lesser Magic spell Flight of Zimmeran, and/or delaying an action in order to go after your guys in one turn and then before them in the next turn (I've played against the White Council before and they've all got quite high initiative).

    That would be forum user Shuai the Great. He's made a thread about them here:

    I agree that irregardless of how well Shuai plays them these guys are far too undercosted in warband rating and something the devs should take a look at!

    Blimey, I had no idea turnips and lanterns stacked! :eek:
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    The 2 turns in a row is the second explanation noted above. Looking at that link, I've beaten the Marienburg version with my Witchhunter duo. They did have a higher initiative but the key is to pass your turn to avoid giving them the 2 turns in a row (last turn in the current round and the first turn in the next round).

    There was another thread on the 4 warlocks and agree that it's probably more of a rating issue because at end game level (10000+), warlocks aren't as effective other than holding objectives and getting loot (with the release of the Treasure Hunt scenario, it would be ideal for that since the chest slows down movement but I think the Flight spell is unaffected) From experience vs my main warband, warlocks with flaming swords don't do much (sure if there were 4 they may kill one of my guys, but all will be sitting ducks the next turn). Would love to be proven wrong if anyone wants to PVP. Join Discord and let's set up a time.

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