How long would it take to replace your best guy

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by 10 Snake Gathering, Mar 12, 2019.

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    So I am looking at my leader who is level 15 wearing Jack o plates, has an Elven longbow, Elven cloak, blunderbuss, lucky charm, helmet and sword of some sort. 7 member warband. If he dies, I'm looking at 150 gold to replace him, plus about 400gold for his gear. I make about 2.5 stone per game for say 25 gold per game. So after he dies, it should only take me around 20 games to replace him. And figuring that I can probably get the new guy after 6 games, that leaves 14 games to get him leveling up while replacing his gear. But I'll have to buy him some gear during that time so I figure another 3 games for the temp gear. I really hope no one else dies in those 23 games. Makes me long for the table top equipment prices, hiring costs and Wyrdstone find rates. There is something broken with the cost of things vs the Wyrdstone find rates in this game.
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    Instead of thinking of it in terms of number of games, try thinking of it in terms of time investment. A tabletop game of mordheim takes 30 to 60 minutes not counting setting up the table and cleaning it up afterwards and/or driving to a hobby store to play.

    A game of Warband Skirmish takes 5 to 15 minutes with not set up or clean up. So you can get about 5 games of Warband Skirmish in the same time as one game of mordheim on average unless you count set up and travel time, in which case more like 10 games.

    So in about 5 games based on your estimate, 12.5 wyrdstone, or 125 gold. Which makes your estimate on hiring your new guy only about 5 to 10 minutes past the length of 1 tabletop game, whereas in tabletop you would have to finish fully playing the second game to get him making the time investment in tabletop *much* longer than the time investment in warband skirmish.

    And that's not counting the travel and set up for one game of tabletop, plus finding a partner which the same schedule. Whereas in Warband Skirmish you can just keep playing till your eyes bleed without having to find anyone, or wait a week for the next gaming day.

    As a side note. Make sure to invest in Wyrdstone Hunter, Haggle, and Streetwise on your captain and any warlocks you may have. In my Witch Hunter warband i have three academics with trading skills, and I get 4 to 9 shards of wyrdstone per game, and can buy gromril armor for as little as 350 gold (and never over 600). It will speed up the replacement process by a huge margin.
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    My best guy's irreplaceable, because he's currently got 17 wounds, due to how random stat advances worked at launch (please don't decrease his wounds Legendary) ;)
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    17???? I want one of those!

    My hardest guy to replace would definitely be the marksman that's 1 Ini and 3 Lead away from a perfect roll (W5, WS30, BS 35, St 35, I 34, Ld 62).
    I'm seriously thinking about retiring the rest of the warband after I level him up a bit more and try him solo. Maybe a duo if I get a partner of the same caliber to support him.

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