How to play undead

Recently,an Undead warband named how to play undead activing in PVP match, it is me.:p
I have built the warband for different ways & some new tactics. I want to write down some of my experience.

The eight members of warband is a necromancer with Doom, an vampire with Doom, two warlocks with fire sword, three dregs with heavy armor and an Orge with hammer, only 776 rating but having more power than 2000 rating. As shown in the following figures.

First of all , i would like to say the necromancer. He has upgraded all Strength Skills & Speed Skills except Ambush, and only learns the spell of doom. If there are some redundant points, he can learn Streetwise, Haggle and Wyrdstone Hunter. And then I don't know what skill he should to upgrade now. As shown in the following figure. His main task in the PVP is just using Doom, Doom and Doom.

Secondly, i would say something about vampire, and he is the Core in this warband. Different from other people, i do not upgrade his melee skills but Speed Skills & Academic Skills. As shown in the following figures. High leadship let he can use hit & run tactic (using Spell of Doom) and not to retreat when facing the stronger warband and being half of the total wounds. High speed let he spy on the whole map and assassinate opponent's Shooters and Spell casters. In addition, he has upgraded Resilient & Step Aside in order to reduce some damage.
Most important of all, because of few Combat & Strength Skills are upgraded, his rating is much lower than other vampires and let him get much more XP.

Thirdly, about the warlocks. They are also the core of this warband. i let them learn Streetwise, Haggle and Wyrdstone Hunter, and i can get much more Gold to buy much cheaper equipment. I find the Haggle skill can be superposition, and i spend only 199G to buy a Tome of magic or 500G to buy a Gromril Armour. Other skills as shown in the following figures. There main task in the PVP is Flight circuity to next to opponent's Shooters or to attack Spell casters, and using Spell of Luck to enhance the Damage of close combat units. I think all magics except Silver Arrows are great useful and flexible.

Fourthly, my hoplites. Their rating is much lower because of upgrading few Combat Skills especially Attacks. But their high Weapon Skill with spell of Luck can make much more damage with one kill blow than other warriors who have more Attacks. High defence can increase the chances of survival. In addition, they are well-equipped, and all of them equip Skull Hammer, Visored Helm, Gromril Armour and Imperial Skull Shield.
Despite the low movement, when they arrived in midfield, the enemy would suffer.

Finally, the ogre. I dare not upgrade him, because his skills of combat and Strength will let the warband rating increase sharply. I have upgraded his all six Initiative Increase Skills, and let him more flexible to be a hatchet man.

My English is not well, and I hope you can understand above
About the tactics, to be continued.
Very unique,
Currently in my undead I have a highly rated vamp,
A dreg, necro and ghoul whom are super low level.
Gonna get another ghoul and then be saving up for an Ogre.
I prefer a more stealth method.
Using ghouls as glass cannons and the vamp as a killing machine with the dreg being the second line of defense (often ushered into front line to help bring stability, or staying further back to be a personal bodyguard for necro)
The ogre will just be to add to killing ability.
I rely heavily of defensible positions as if I attack someone in the open their range kills me hard.
(Other 2 spots in warband are undecided but most likely more ogres/ghouls)

I personally went for combat with vamp, and avoid warlocks as i like to hide and then throw everything I have at the enemy at once.
I had a 7 man warband problem is because I got arrogant one game I lost 2 characters and slwoly numbers dwindled down to just vamp.

I am the Flamed Ressurection, but my reiklanders are the Flamed Beserker, Flamed Freeman and cant remember other off the top of my head.
Hope to verse you sometime to truely see which philosophy is best.


Looks like a fun warband to play. I've always wanted to try the wizard vampire myself but have been too lazy to level up his spells.

The tactic you have there is a great way to quickly level up warbands in the new rating system. Agree, if you want to not have your rating artificially bumped up, avoid certain combat skills, especially Combat Master which increases your rating by 300. I can see that warband being effective in the lower - perhaps mid level rating matches. From playing this game for a few months, once you get to high levels (my definition of high level are 8000+ rating), it seems that the only valid pvp build/tactic is to have redundancy in your warriors instead of specialists, i.e. all are leveled up so that if one dies, it's no big deal as the others can do the killing just as easy so not leveling up the combat and strength skills will hurt.


I’ve run into you a couple of times over the last few days (Cruor Imbibo), you have an excellent warband with far better skills/equipment than my own.... inspired me to take my vampire into the spell casting territory.

Do you know how armour affects spell casting? Does a shield?
Would you consider a weapon on the vamp? I like the idea of a high parry sword.
Shield reduces spell chance, 1 point of armor - one spell chance, if you have skill (Armored spellcarster i think?) 2 points of armor - one point of spell chance
Only armor from items count to reduce spell chance
From my knowledge vamps cant learn that skill,
So when making a spell caster vamp it creates a major problem as you cant have armour.
As such for someone who is very brash or inexperienced, this strategy is not for them.