I catch the cheater (or bug user) this time !

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Shuai The Great, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Shuai The Great Corporal

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    As shown in the figure, the WALKEN DEAD guy start in the corner behind the house. But first turn, his orges and Necromancer run around the house and nearly in the midfield. Is that cheating or a bug ??

    Notice the halo left bottom

  2. _Q_ Major

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    The path you've marked for the Necromancer appears to be off the "table" - I'd guess his move actually took him between the building and the wall, which, if the warband deployed behind/inside the building and he was to the fore, seems legitimate (if rather brave for a Necro!). I suspect the Ogre deployed in the building and moved legitimately via the ladder rather than by the path you've marked (which would take him on an impossible route through impassable terrain).
  3. Shangular Brigadier

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    Ogres can move 6 which visually can look like a long way. Necromancers can move 5 with the Sprint skill. So it could be a legit move.

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