I don't understand how to make it past 3-4 games.

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by azambeaux, Oct 23, 2017.

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    I just started playing this game over the weekend, being a long time Mordheim fan.

    I bought the game and first impression was ... mmm... only Middenheimers etc.. ah! Some Skavens, cool let me unlock them with these coins ! Then I realized that this was the main in-game currency with real money and had just wasted them...

    Anyways, after a few games with Skavens, I see that I do not really master this game yet well enough to play with them as they keep dying and my band is all injured after 4-5 games.

    So I play with humans. I chose Middenheimers and start out with 4 guys, buying a few small swords, shields and 1 bow for my guy that has a high BS skill. 1 game, I play against a warband of 5 guys, all with Helmets, heavy armour, huge swords and guns. I try to flank them, but even when I have 2 guys against 1, they miss half of the time and only do 1 damage when they do hit (most attacks get parried). My enemies get to hit me twice and do 3-6 damage, so my guys end up defeated within 2 rounds of close combat.

    2ng game, my Captain is injured and now stupid. My 2nd warrior is injured and cannot play next game, so I only have 2 guys left. No money to hire anyone else, and I don't want do spend real money to heal my guys ( I just bought this game like 5€ right?). So I try to play another game with just 2 guys, thinking the system will match me against a similar warband. But no. I get 6 enemies, with long range bows shooting twice and doing crits. Rest of the enemies have again big shiny armors. So I lose again quickly.

    I start another warband as I my guys are all injured and suck.

    But I run into the same issue, where my starting warband plays against stronger warbands where I stand no chance.

    Am I just too late to this game and will never have a chance to win because all other warbands are stronger ?

    Its a shame that the Devs can adjust the difficulty based on my band. Or am I missing something in the mission selection ?
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    It can be very rough in the City of the Damned. Sometimes it's better to take a 'decent loss' than go for a win. For example: run about grabbing a couple of wyrdstones then bottle as soon as you can. Also don't worry about firing fighters, nor losing a lot of them. I we t down to two fighters at one point and clawed my way back up.

    I frequently start new warbands and don't have this issue. However, on the Town Cryer screen I tend to stick to the top mission listed unless the lower ones set me up with a warband I'm confident against (like my Reiklanders against Middenheimers, I have better shooting).

    If you can record your games and post them that would help us see how you play. Screenshots and warband names will also help the devs check the matchup system works fine.
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