Ideas for new features


Here are a few of my ideas for new features so feel free to criticize or just suggest more.

One new feature could include setting up a general market so that players who don't need upgrades can sell them to people who need them and have resources but cannot find the upgrades or don't want to spend energy on researching the upgrades.

Anything should be able to be put up for 'auction' for say and the player who puts up the auction should be able to set a minimum or starting offer for the auction and also set a buy now price to finish the auction rather than bid and wait until the end with a maximum price as well before players need to use the buy now option.

Another feature could be creating alliances and every month a set prize could be awarded to the alliance with the most resources gathered, the prize could then be separated into the top three players within the alliance and then a much less prize be awarded to the rest of the players in the alliance.