Ideas for new units


Here are quite a few ideas for new units, feel free to criticize or add more ideas.

There could be additional units such as mutants that have survived the nuclear winter on the surface, these could be found on random maps and could become your units/allies in the belief that they had lost you. However these mutant could believe that you abandoned them and turn hostile as you enter their territory. The damage these mutants could do would be mainly high damage versus other infantry but be slightly weaker against vehicles, they could include a special skill called loyalty where they will get a small health and damage boost for a few moves in a desperate attempt to continue serving you.

Other units could include sniper squads that have a large range and high damage against ground units, they will be considerably weak against vehicles and will be low on health, these could be found hiding in the mountain ranges. The special skills for these snipers could be to call for an evacuation procedure, this would include them letting off flares revealing their position but after a few moves they could be picked up by a random allied aircraft and placed straight on the road back to the bunker. This will ensure if the enemy attacks with tanks you are not simply going to lose all your snipers.

These new tactical squads could contain some similarities to the shadow squads from the command and conquer series, this would mean that they will be able traverse impassable areas for normal ground units by using their hang glider to lift themselves for the ground. With this ability they will be able to get themselves into tactical advantage points on the maps without the need for an aircraft to deploy them there.

Another unit could be a saboteur or engineer that could essentially enter a vehicle of your on the map during battle and heal it to full health at the price of the saboteur's life. Other actions it could perform could vary between reaching an enemy vehicle and placing an explosive to very quickly kill them, to reaching a wreckage on the map and capturing it, however it will be on the lowest health possible to ensure a player cannot kill a unit then use it against their enemy.

Similarly to the saboteur or engineer there could be a medic implemented that will be able to heal squads of infantry at the cost of its own life, it could also be able to resurrect infantry squads to full health at the cost of its own life because infantry are substantially easier to kill than vehicles.

These new units will be weaponless apart for the saboteur that as you know would have the explosives ability, this ability could be reinterpreted to make them able to place mines or possibly tripwires in the dark areas to find where enemies are. They will also be lone units not a squad which will measure up to the reason why they would have low health.

Additionally if tactical squads are implemented into the games then their special could include using a silenced weapon, this will reach out the assassin players who enjoy taking out enemy units without the worry of showing up on the map.