Improved AI and Injury Transparency!

Prabdeep Bazaz

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A new update has landed in the Underhive with various improvements across the game!

We have improved the AI pathfinding, which will create more intelligent actions and games in a variety of different scenarios.

There have also been improvements to the transparency of permanent injuries. They will now be grouped by the type of injury and the stat.

All changes in this update include:

Added a “News” pop up to keep all the players up to date with the latest news in Necromunda
Changed the Order Skill to only work with the active leader
Changed how stat injuries are displayed
Changed how permanent injuries are grouped when healing
Changed the power contribution on certain skills
Fixed AI pathfinding
Fixed grammar issues
Fixed missing ganger descriptions
Fixed SFX

Download the update below

Let us know your thoughts on these changes down below!

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I'm glad that Order has been modified. I did warn how it could be abused ;). But I was actually hoping that the nerf would be giving a ganger a maximum of receiving one order per turn vs only allowing the leader to give orders. The former allows for more tactical options and more similar to the TT where Champions can order(group activations) to non-champions. The imbalance from Order was really having a single ganger get 4 activations in one turn.

Concerning the impact of skills to power rating, I've seen lots of complaints on Discord about the high Initiative, Dodge and Extra Attacks being an imbalanced issue. I'm still trying to match up to one of those gangs to test, but multiple people have already brought up that concern. To give recommended solutions to this issue here are some options:
1) Adjust the calculation methodology of Dodge to be more in line with Parry, i.e. apply it to each RNG roll vs the aggregate. This will make gangers who have Dodge more susceptible to being partially hit by a shooting attack was nullifying it altogether.
2) Increase the rating impact of Dodge to a higher curve depending on Initiative, i.e. if a ganger has low initiative and Dodge, little impact. But if the Initiative increase, have a larger exponential impact.
3) Increase the rating impact on Extra Attacks more on the skill itself vs the exponential increase when equipping a weapon, i.e., currently if you have Extra Attacks 2/2 and unarmed, it has little impact. When equipping a weapon, it jumps quite a bit. For example my ganger goes from 600 - 1700 when equipping a power weapon. Perhaps have a larger base increase when the ganger has the skill and is unarmed, offset with a less exponential increase when tied to a weapon.