Inconsistent shard values

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And that has nothing to do with what we have here as there isnt an exploration table.

In Mordheim up to 6 Hero characters still in action at the end of a fight would be able to search. Each character would have a d6 and if you got multiples you would encounter special events such as finding abandoned shops with equipment.

Now there are no Heroes or explorations.​
Actually, in Mordheim, you had between 1 and 6 heroes, it depended on how youd eveloped yoru warband. To start with warbands had maximum heroes of between 4 (Dwarves) and up to 6 (Skaven), most had 5 starting heroes/heroines.

Exploration you got 1 dice per non-out of action hero at the end of the game and yes you rolled them all on an exploration table to find loot. But you're missing keys things here.

Firstly, the tabletop game you also got +1 D6 to the rolls if you won the game and some missions gave youa bonus dice as well, but onlya maximum of 6 rolls could be accepted.

There were also skills that re-rolled the dice roll of a hero with it to better increase chances of random finds or more wrydstone. There was also Mordheim maps, and other events and equipment that allowed re-rolls toe xploration. the rule of never re-roll a re-roll applied but itw as something like up to 36 re-rolls could have been gained from just officially published stuff considered official (not all town cryer magazine articles for example) between the core rulebook and the fuinal rules review in 2002. Most people have no idea about that and very few truly abuse the exploration phase and indeed the trading post on the tabletop. Me, I've been banned from playing Marienburgers on the tabletop because I'm too good at the economic game haha.

I digress.


Guess what the tabletop explorationr epresented? It represented your warband looting things they found in the ruins as they moved through an area. It was done post battle and winners and losers rolled their dfice and indeed even if you lost the battle, if you played it well you could come out on top withw arband development and thatw as the beauty of the game and its' balance.

Mordheim Warband skirmish represents this exploration through the random bags and boxes and chests as well as wrydstone shards scattered across the map.

All you have to do is take the time to loot them and not get knocked out of action and drop the goods, whereby, just like in the tabletop game, you wouldn't get your exploration dice and the associated loot you picked up in your seacrh through the ruins.

Legendary Games dev's have faithfully realised the exploration phase both from a fluff and mechanical perspective. All you as the player have to do is embrace that and get more loots. The thing that frustrates me with it is that there are things that don't sell for anything. At least have shirts sell for 1gc.

As to having a whinge about not getting as many shards as you used to get or you believe you should get, suck it up. It is what it is and it hasn't been a huge issue. The tabletop game would see you saving for several battles to be able to afford a single piece of better equipment and the tables for decreased cost of wrydstone values represents the fact that more numbers usually means more power, but also was a way to represent the increased costs of maintaining equipment, feeding your warband, etc The simple reality is that the game was always steeped in reality regardless of the fantastical setting it was based in. That it takes yous everal games to svae enough gold to get a single puiece of better gear is a core value of the game itself. It is meant to be a challenge, not a spoonfed trip of everything you want right here and now.

I've not had any real issues with the exploration or wrydstone income of Skirmish. I appreciate that the post above was done a year ago and the game has been revised several times but regardless, things like the exploration phase have been integrated into the battles themselves because theyc an be whereas the tabletop version it was easiest to do it as an exploration table post battle.