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In response to player feedback, we are changing how the chance of a battle happening at a particular task is calculated.

Every cycle the threat level on a task will increase. The amount it increases will depend on how many gangers are assigned to the task and how well you have done on the patrol task - the more reputation you gain from a Patrol mission, the less threat is applied to the territories.

Once the threat level hits 100% a battle will need to be fought on the following cycle to reset the threat level back to zero. Access to the task’s boon will be gained process.

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Why?!!? Who asked for this system? Where did they provide feedback?

This game is a grinding game. One needs to raise revenue in order to buy weapons, armour, and gear. One also needs to grind xp, plus pay credits for training xp.

I have built gangs to maximize the opportunities for accruing rep, credits, and xp. The last major change in the summer, I had to abandon my then current gang, because the changes made it impossible to adjust it to the new system.

Now, we have another new system. My immediate reaction is - wait for it - I'll earn less rep, credits, and xp per cycle.

Who asked for this? Certainly I didn't, and I can't imagine why any other player would have done so.

This update is the third in a row that makes it harder to for players to advance and build their gang.

Once again, another update, another annoyed player. Mon vieux .... I recognize that Legendary needs to monetize the game, but this update seems to be a very poor one on the face of it.


My first cut at estimating how much this stupid system will cost my current gang in credits per day.

2.5 hab battles/ day =

est'd 1200 credits lost

15 xp per day, which equates to another 1500 credits per day, as I'll eventually have to buy xp under a Sanguis boon to get hab or other non-patrol, non-bad zones gangers to accrue xp for skills or attributes.

So, 2700 credits and an estimated 120 rep less per day *just for the hab alone.*

Similar figures for the slag veins, with slightly lower losses for the drinking den and tech bazaar.

So, let's call it 7200 fewer credits-equivalents per day, slower progress, and slower accumulation of rep. And not one single benefit for me as a player ....

Of course, I could just run more cycles, but, of course, Legendary put in a timer, so you can't run more cycles without upkeep taling a larger and larger percentage of earnings.

I am long past tired of companies that give me a crap sandwich and try to call it foie gras. Thanks Legendary. This update simply sucks. It makes this game worse. Just who wanted this crap sandwich? Whom does it benefit? Certainly not me ....


So long the new system feels better, than the previous one. Percent chance of attack was a real crap, just like any randomness. My 30% market was attacked more frequently than a 50% hub. Now I can at least prepare for what's coming and send gangers weaponless when it's safe. It's not clear though if a well equipped group lead to a threat increase or decrease.


I can see your perspective. However, I personally like the new system. Here's why:

1) High Level Gang - My Orlock gang has a Level 11 Has and Level 9 Slag Vein so I'm always getting attacked. My Tech is level 10 and Scrap Zone Level 12. So anything will lead to a fight. I find fights with the groups I have stationed there boring and ultimately a waste of my time as experience gain is minimal. I'd prefer to just get the 5-6K quickly and move on to a new cycle and focus on the fights in Bad Zones and Patrol.
2) XP Levelling. I'm one of those players who hate having to fight battles with those subpar groups. For me, the most efficient way to level is to run as many bad zones and patrols and then move the gangers I want to level up to the scrap zone and use credits to level them up. Using the XP boon helps too, but if you want to be more f2p, it's still a lot quicker this way than slogging through battle after battle in the Hab and Slag Viens.
3) With the new system, when know it's going to be a fight, I put specific gangers to make the fight entertaining.
4) For new gangs, one reason why I sometimes intentionally try to lose rep is so that I don't have my territories go past Level 5 because of the waste of time to slog through fights. Now I don't have to worry about this because I know when I'm getting a fight and when I'm not.

Now one suggestion I will make to the devs though is to reduce the timer on Hab and Slag so we can farm credits more easily. Or alternatively, make the credits earned the full amount each time.


I stopped playing the game when the new reward system was implemented, but this is a change that had me going back into the game. I liked when I could complete a turf in less than half an hour but with my experienced gangs I had to fight too many battles each round so it was getting tedious.

I do like this change a lot, and yes, it was something requested a lot of times, as there were some territories you didn't even want to level up as that only meant more chances of getting a fight there but you didn't get anything good enough in return. So thanks for the change, I've only played some battles but I'm liking it.

By the way, was the reward reset timer increased? That was the main reason I quit, several times getting the rewards reset for not playing for something like 4 hours...
First of, well done on the improved stability. I've only had 1 failed match, where I lost connectivity (at home, with a good WiFi signal) & inconvenient as it was to fail the Guilders mission, at least it lets me keep playing & doesn't crash the whole cycle.

I was someone who started playing during the badzone cash bonanza, setting up my gang as such, so had to adapt to the last significant change. I do like, that any zone which fights, does now receive a reward.

My suggestion, which was an idea before I read this thread, was: 'what if the threat level & build up remains, but with the option to choose to fight'?

What I've found is that my cycles are extremely quick now & I haven't played my most bespoke sub gang - close combat in the slag vein, for a while.

This could allow you to pick specific gives to fight, to earn xp or mix up the cycle, or still have a quick cycle.

In response to previous posts about earning potential, I've found that the credits I earn, across battles for the Guilders, Bad Zone, Patrol & regular income from the Hab & Slag Vein, even with my silly upkeep, in still seeing my credits increase acceptably.

I'm trying not to increase my upkeep any further, so no plasma, boltguns out carapace, just new skills, as I don't want to meet too many of the above, so I just invest in sensible skills.

After thinking how wonderfully stable the have is now, it's now my second day running, where it's crashed during the Guilders mission.

I'd be really disappointed, if the guilder rewards were any good :cool:

I'm confused about the new system, if it says 72/100 for my hab does that mean 72% chance of getting attacked? If this new system guarantees that you know when and where you will get territories attacked then I can completely disarm all weapons and armour from gangers in "safe" places and lower my upkeep by loads, right???


3rd day & 3rd guilder mission in a row crashed. Less amusing now

Yep, I'm experiencing this too. Three crashes in four days, all of them in guilder missions. The game just becomes unresponsive and I have to close the whole game and restart again (meaning I lose that battle). Other than that and struggling a bit to discover what the green/red risk bar means I like how fast some of my cycles are now :)

By the way, regarding threat am I right thinking green is the cumulative threat and red the one that is likely to be increased the next cycle? And then the red is reduced by how well you perform in the patrol mission? So if you fail the whole red bar transforms into green and if you perform specially well nothing is increased? If that's the case regarding UX I would have chosen red for cumulative threat and maybe yellow (or yellow and black stripes or even blinking yellow) for the potential one.


Hrashcang for me today in middle of patrol. I’m going to experiment with not using ? To id objectives and see if this helps.


I'm just done with this system. It has taken out the things that I like to do and replaced them with game manipulation that I don't want to do.

I have better things to do with my time.

I leave behind a top 5, top 20, and top 80 gang.

Best wishes to the players ....