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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Game kNight, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Badseed Private

    Hi Warhammer enthusiasts,
    My tags Badseed I live in New Jersey in the USA.
    I've been a fan of all things Warhammer since I played it
    As a kid in its pen and paper tabletop version. That was around
    30years ago and the many ways to play Warhammer just keep
    Getting better and better. I can't wait to have a mobile version
    to take with me when I'm out and about.
    Happy hunting
  2. morjax

    Welcome to the party, Badseed! ^_^ May the wyrdstone flow freely for you!
  3. Kurgol Private

    I must have needed to make a post before I got posting privs here, because after introducing myself on the open board, I can now post here :)

    hello one and all!
  4. morjax

    Welcome, Kurgol! Wishing you many glorious victories!
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  5. Hello.

    Just signed up after finding out about this, I heard about it a while back in a Mordheim group on FB. I am a big fan of the tabletop game so this seems really interesting. I have an iPad, but prefer to use Android devices, so that is the release that I am looking forward to the most. In the tabletop my favourite warband is Sisters of Sigmar, though I rarely play them in the computer version as it just feels wrong to play them without their most iconic weapon: the whip (but besides from that I really like that version as well). Hopefully this version will remove the biggest problem with playing Mordheim: getting enough people with jobs and social lifes to find a time when everyone has the time to spend a saturday hunting wyrdstones among the ruins.

    Will it incorperate all the official lists once finnished? And will there be any other factions than the ones GW made for the game? The best thing about the tabletop is not the game that GW made, but how fan has kept it alive and evolved it, and even though I realise that you will not use the fan lists, I hope that you will follow their example and add factions from several of the different factions that the Old World has to offer.
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  6. Overwatch

    Hey there! Thanks for signing up and introducing yourself to the rest of the community,

    Since you mentioned you found out about us from Facebook, feel free to drop our Mordheim: Warband Skirmish page a like here.

    If you'd like to discuss testing opportunities feel free to drop me a message, Android testing spots are still available! You can do this by visiting my profile and clicking on the "information" tab

    So that you're aware of exactly what will be implemented within the game, below are DLC factions we plan to release:

    • Skaven
    • Undead
    • Cult of the Possessed
    • Witch Hunters
    • Sisters of Sigmar
    I can't say 100% whether we'll introduce fan made factions, but if we do plan something along those lines we'll definitely keep you updated through the Forums. Just keep an eye on the Forums and our social media pages for regular updates.

    Look forward to seeing you more around the Forums :D
  7. Sigil Private

    Hi all! Been a Warhammer Fantasy fan for nearly 20 years now (aaannnddd now I feel old). I've been overjoyed to see the old Specialist Games getting new life in electronic form. Looking forward to trying out this version on iOS!
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  8. Overwatch

    Hey there Sigil and welcome to the Forums! Glad you're excited for release.

    If you have a look through the Forums you'll be able to keep yourself updated on what's going on, and what has been added in recent updates. We also post quite frequently on our social media pages if you have Twitter or Facebook!

    We do still have testing positions available. But I'll need to ask you a few questions to understand whether you'd be applicable for testing before getting you set up, if you'd like to send me a direct message I can discuss some of the details I'll need from you.
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  9. Maramas Private

    Hey everyone... apologies that I've not posted this sooner but spent the weekend burning the battery out of my phone playing this :)

    I'm Chris, been playing warhammer since I was around 12-13... and I'm now more than double that. I run a wfrp campaign and play Mordheim weekly as well as building a lot of terrain (shameless instagram plug) Was over the moon to see this and to get the chance to help out with some testing, keep up the great work folks.
  10. Overwatch

    Thanks for introducing yourself to the rest of the community Chris!

    Really glad you're enjoying the game, and feel free to post in the creative section if you'd like to show off some of your terrain work etc! The team may even look at them for inspiration ;)
  11. Vazquezvill Private

    Hi folks!

    I'm Mikel from Spain, miniature enthusiast from almost my entire life. I played so many times to Mordheim in tabletop and this game is so interesting for me. My fovourite warband of course are de Middenheimers, here I let you an image of one of my Teutogen Guard soldier:
    So Good Game for all and congratulations for all the developers of this exciting game!
  12. savion47 Private

    Hello everyone. My name is Shane and I reside in Oregon, USA. I started playing GW games in college and discovered an amazing gaming club when I moved out to the west coast. Since then I have been very active in our miniature gaming community, helping plan and execute a large multi-game event every year as well as smaller tournaments and leagues.

    I have enjoyed playing tabletop Mordheim and the Mordheim CotD video game. I enjoy tactical games of all kinds and am very excited to see this game in development.
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  13. Dwalker10 Private

    Hey all!

    New to the forums and hoping to get beta access soon! (Already talking with Overwatch!)

    I'm in New Hampshire USA, and have played both tabletop and City of the Damned.

    Tabletop was about 10 years ago, and I loved it. We had a league/campaign at my local game store, but have moved since then. At the time we could still find some Figs/boxed sets that were reasonably priced! I have a set of fully painted and battle heartened Marienburgers! Wish there was still GW support...

    Cotd was/is pretty good, but my 2 complaints look to be solved with Warband Skirmish; 1. Matches lasted too long! 2. Not on iOS!!

    Can't wait to try out some of the 'burg in this rendition!
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  14. Overwatch

    A pleasure to have you onboard!!

    As you're a fan of the Marienburgers feel free to check out this thread. I made some signatures a while back so that everyone could represent their favorite Mercenary band.
  15. Dwalker10 Private

    Alas! It looks like the Marienburg link is broken!
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  16. Overwatch

    Should be back to normal now! Good spot ;)
  17. Enkmar Private

    Hi folks. I am so thrilled to have found this game, and the timing couldn't be more perfect...

    I'm a tabletop gamer who missed out on older games like Mordheim, but with the release of Age of Sigmar Skirmish this weekend, I decided to go all in with Warhammer.

    I'm also an avid Android gamer and I've been looking for a new game to obsess over. Last night I stumbled upon a Mordheim mobile video on YouTube and thought "What the...?" Searched it in the Google Play store, found it and it apparently just released?

    Needless to say, I'm glad I'm staying in with no plans this rainy weekend. Mordheim, here I come!
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  18. morjax

    Enkmar, your timing is impeccable! The worldwide release just occurred today, so you're exactly on time for the festivities!

    Please fire away with any and all questions you might come up with; I'm not part of the dev team, but they've been massively receptive with suggestions and have implemented a great deal of player feedback!

    I can't help but wonder whose videos you found of the game... Hoping they were mine! ;) Either way, I'll be making some more videos soon(TM). Let us know what your warband name is so I know when I should cower in fear when I go up against you ;D
  19. Enkmar Private

    My warband is called Knights of the Blazing Sun right now, though I'm going to change it once I come up with something more original. I'm going to check out your YouTube videos when I get home!

    I snuck a peak at your videos just now. I'm pretty certain it was one of yours that I saw last night. Well done, Morjax, mightiest of recruiters!
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  20. morjax


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