Introduce Yourself!

my name is Hamdan, i am 15. I'm interested in indie games and retro games. i have been playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate allot recently, and have also been playing Year 0 a little, pretty good game! i'm Interested in most strategy, RPG, MMORPG, JRPG, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Simulation games
ALOT of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS, some (flash) Gods Will Be watching, went back into Terraria, but then my laptop went all weird and now cant handle Terraria (cause its so God damn awesome) and testing out Shuuro so be expecting a paragraph long piece of crap that Hades calls a "review" for only Satan himself would call my literature "good", what about you?


Hey, if you like Terraria, have you heard of Starbound? I've got some friends who are playing it and they love it - it's by some of the same people that worked on Terraria. I haven't played it much myself but I went to the i49 gaming festival over the summer and I got a chance to have a go and talk to the developers!

And no, I wasn't in subway... ?
i saw some guys at subway talking about Legendary games and some other game stuff. Yeah, i've heard of Starbound, currently watching Jesse Cox and TotalBiscuit play it on the youtubes, it looks pretty good and the whole space travel aspect sounds pretty interesting. But the whole 'visit other planets' has already been used by an IOS games called JunkJackX, this is a sequel to JunkJack. JunkJack is a Terraria(side scroller) mixed with Minecraft(block design) crossover, its an interesting mix. I personally think JunkJack and its sequel should have more praise for its ingenuity and its efforts to make sure its players don't feel like they are playing a cheap knock off of its greater opponents.


Ahh right! Well, it definitely wasn't me in Subway!!

I've heard of TotalBiscuit but I've never watched him. I watch quite a few youtube gaming channels though. Do you watch any others? :)
  1. TB
  2. OMFGCATA (jesse cox)
  3. Markiplier
  4. PressHeartToContinue
  5. Pewdiepie
  6. Yogscast (Lewis and Simon, Sips)
  7. Yamimash
  8. IGN
  9. Lasercorn
  10. WOWCrendor
  11. Polaris
  12. Indie Statik
  13. Boogie2988
  1. Smosh
  2. Digital Corridor
  3. Rhett and Link
  4. DavidSoComedy
  5. AWE me
  6. College Humor
  7. TheFineBros
  8. NigaHiga
  9. BartBaker
  10. HowToBasic
  11. Rooster Teeth
  12. VSauce
  13. Epic Meal Time
  14. OneyNG
  15. LORE
  16. Ownage Pranks
How 'bout you?


Woahhhhhh!!! That's quite the list of youtuber's there! I thought I watched a lot too! I think you take the crown for youtube king though.

I regularly watch:

  • Tobuscus (Tobygames)
  • Markiplier
  • Cryaotic
  • Yogscast (more Martyn (inthelittlewood) and Hannah than Simon and Lewis.
  • Smosh
  • The Fine Bros
  • Achievement Hunter / Rooster Teeth <3
  • Zelda Dungeon
  • Geek and Sundry
  • IGN
  • Thegirlfromaus
  • The Slo-Mo Guys
  • Pewdiepie (occasionally if he's playing something I'm interested in)
  • And then a bunch of girly channels and vloggers that you probably wouldn't be interested in!


I do a bunch of stuff for my job but my main tasks are marketing and community manager!

Quite a lot of people have applied, more than we were expecting so it's quite competitive! I'll get back to you by the end of the week about if you have a placement. :)